Listen up – Video Chats Never Sounded This Good

Today we’re excited to introduce the Logitech® Mini Boombox, a new mobile speaker that boosts the sound streaming from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Whether that’s music or the reassuring sound of your best friend’s voice, coming in clear from across the globe, the Mini Boombox is a resounding complement to your mobile lifestyle.

Pairing easily with your iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® or other Bluetooth®-enabled device, the Mini Boombox is ideal for a number of playback scenarios around the house, in the office or out in the backyard. A specially designed acoustic chamber lets you enjoy great sound with enhanced bass. And for listeners on the other end, a built-in mic transmits your voice with clarity.

Plus, the speaker’s compact size makes it easy to tote for impromptu conference calls or jam sessions. And since it charges over USB, you never have to worry about replacing batteries. Listen for up to ten hoursstraight if you want.

So break out your Mini Boombox when you’re on the move and feel like pumping up the volume or talking up a storm. Your ears and voice will thank you.


Logitech Senior Director for Tablet Products

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