Highlight of the Week: Congratulations to The Verge!

We’re thrilled about this week’s launch of The Verge, the highly anticipated technology news and gadget website brought to us by Joshua Topolsky, former editor of Engadget and his team of tech-loving writers. Topolsky unveiled The Verge and announced plans for a fall debut during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in July, so we’ve been looking forward to this day for more than three months now.

We got the chance to ask Sean Hollister, senior editor, The Verge, a few questions about the new tech website. Check out what he has to say about it here:

Logitech: What differentiates The Verge from other tech blogs and outlets?

Sean: The Verge isn’t just a place you go for your news, because we’re providing a bigger picture — a place where you can not only follow the latest advances in technology, but compare them, discuss them, reference them and see them in all their high-res glory. Our news isn’t just a series of posts, it’s often a StoryStream flow that you can visually chart over the course of months and years, and the site itself will (and is already) evolving to respond to user feedback and stretching to allow for greater possibilities than you can find in a simple blogroll.

Logitech: Tell us about the background of The Verge? Who are the writers?

Sean: It’s a dream team of the best and the brightest technology news writers ready to take a chance on something new. We’ve got a whole host of former Engadget elite, including our outspoken stars Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Joanna Stern and Vlad Savov, plus former Smartphone Experts EIC Dieter Bohn and former Switched EIC Thomas Houston and loads of dedicated, hard-working but quieter folks who make their contributions in writing (you know, for our readers!) or, critically, on the back end of the site.

Logitech: Going into this launch, what are you most excited about?

Sean: The incredible response from the early readers pouring in. They’re so excited and happy to be here, and I think it’s because we’re filling a hole in the tech news world. So many sites offer a part of what we’re building here, but we’re doing it all and with style.

Logitech: What’s the single coolest thing about the Verge?

Sean: Our reviews are gorgeous and our videos blow my mind, but personally I think StoryStreams are the most valuable thing on the site. Context is everything in news, and we’ll be able to give you all of it in one place.

Logitech: What snacks keep you guys going during a crazy news day?

Sean: I’m partial to Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered edamame beans, which is why I try to stay far away from them.

If the performance of their placeholder site, This Is My Next, is any indication, The Verge should be met with a strong fan base and deliver interesting, compelling, up-to-the minute content by great writers. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Check it out – www.theverge.com – and let us know what you think!