Making our gaming products work better together

In addition to the G300 gaming mouse, with the latest update for Logitech Gaming Software we added G-Series headsets (G35 and G930) to the list of supported devices.  This change has two important benefits for customers.  First, it reduces the number of software installations required to manage our products.  And second, it makes the products themselves work better together – because now device-specific features can be adjusted by other devices that Logitech Gaming Software supports.

Reducing the number of configuration programs that are running simultaneously is a pretty obvious benefit.  Rather than having three separate pieces of software for a G19 keyboard, G400 mouse, and G930 headset, everything can be accessed from a single, central location.  Additionally, with a common user interface, configuring multiple devices doesn’t require learning a different user interface for every product you own.

But the most important reason behind integrating all of our new gaming mice, keyboards, and now headsets into the same configuration software is to allow each of them to enhance the functionality of the others.  For any supported devices you can assign microphone mute controls to your mouse buttons, DPI adjustments to keyboard G-keys, or even assign multi-key macros on your headset if you run out of G-keys on your G13.

One of the most useful features of Logitech Gaming Software is the DPI Shift function for G300 and G400 mice.  This feature allows you to set a button on your G-Series keyboard or G300/G400 mouse to change the DPI of the mouse while that key is being down.  The most obvious way to use this feature is to increase precision for sniping, but it also can be extremely useful for speeding up turret rotation in games that slow down turning in tanks.

Also, when we added support for headsets we also added controls that let you directly interface with Ventrilo, so rather than having to use a standard mouse or keyboard command (like mouse button 4 or CTRL-SHIFT-Q) to enable the Push To Talk function in Ventrilo, now you can set a G-key or mouse button to perform that action in Ventrilo directly, leaving standard button and keystroke combinations available for in-game action assignments.

These are just a few examples of how you can make Logitech G-Series keyboards, mice, and headsets communicate with each other.  If you’ve got ideas for how to make them work better together, let us know in the comments!


Global Product Marketing Manager


    • Hi Carlos,

      We can’t create profiles for games that haven’t yet shipped, and Battlefield 3 hadn’t yet shipped by the time we finished developing 8.12. The next update of Logitech Gaming Software will have a native profile for Battlefield 3 included.


  • U haven’t included usual G9x in Logitech Gaming Software. I’ve spoken to support and they said that only MW3 edition of G9x is available to work with LGS – What a joke this G9x MW3 mouse – it’s same as G9x usual with MW3 logo. Ne – I do not over react on this case. They are both great mice cause the same, but plz put G9x to work with LGS. Why? Cause it’s very unusefull to have 2 separate Gamining programs like SetPoint and LGS. It’s better to have 1 LGS and that’s it and get rid of that SetPoint. U r going into the right direction with ur LGS as an article was written about. Waiting for G9x support and BF3 profile in the next LGS update.

    Sincerely, Cas!

    • Hi Igor,

      All versions of G9x are supported by SetPoint – the Support rep who informed you that the MW3 edition was supported by LGS was incorrect.


  • Understood! But plz make guys all G-series keyboards and mice to be supported by LGS and get rid of SetPoint completely. I do not mind about using SP in general, but when I have 3-4 devices and I need to install different software for it from 1 developer is a little bit strange. Thnx if u add what I asked!

  • Hello,

    I have problems with keybinding (G5 mouse) in the game Battlefield 3. I can’t bindt number 3 and 4 (left side of the mouse). I have the latest firmware (setpoint 6.32.20). What can i do more because im a high ranked player.

    Peter Leeflang

  • Peter, it’s news’ and innovations’ page. Not the support. Go there and create a ticket – it will be more useful

    • Hi Vilmar,

      Due to our licensing relationship with Activision we had access to information about the Steam ID and directory location of the MW3 EXE prior to the LGS 8.12 software being finished. We did not have that information for the retail version of BF3. The next update for LGS will include a BF3 profile, or you can create one yourself.


    • Hi Igor,

      Our licensing agreement with Activision does not affect our desire to create a BF3 profile for our customers. It will be present in the next update to LGS.


    • Hi James,

      We are aware of the incorrect listing in the release notes and it is in the queue to be updated.


  • when i play modern warfare 3 my mic on g35 headset always stops working as soon as i enter a match. what can i do to stop this from happening?

    • Hi eythor,

      Please contact our Support team using the link at the top of the page for assistance with your issue.


  • Is there an approximate date of releasing new SetPoint 6.34 (or 6.40) or G9x supported Logitech Gaming Software 8.14 or 8.20 whatever?

    Just the additions which I asked and new drivers. Interested in info!

    • Hi Igor,

      I have no information about any future updates to SetPoint or Logitech Gaming Software.


  • I’m trying to play battlefield 3 with the F310. But when i play i noticed that the controls don’t sync correctly. when i play online, it randomly starts pressing buttons and i lose control. is there a profile for this game im supposed to use? the profiler does a scan and does not find battlefield 3

    • Hi victor,

      Please contact our Support team using the link at the top of the page for assistance with your issue.


    • Hi John,

      The MX518 and Attack 3 are supported by SetPoint and Logitech Gaming Software 5.10, respectively. They are not supported by LGS 8.12.


  • Hi Chris,

    Excellent update, good to see Logitech doing this sort of thing. LGS software looks good too…

    Two questions. 1) Is the Battlefield 3 profile for LGS likely to be days, weeks or months? and, 2) Given that LGS can import profiles might it not be a good idea to release an official profile independently in the meantime, especially if it is a while before the next scheduled release?

    Cheers and keep up the good work,

    • Hi David,

      I do not have a specific schedule for you but the next release is currently under development and is being tested rigorously before it is launched to the public.

      We are having discussions on the best way to distribute profiles between software releases, as it’s typically not just a single game that’s at issue.


  • Hi Chris,

    Great article/posting by you that explains how LGS devices can comunicate. I am interested in buying the g510 keyboard so it can communicate with my g400 mouse. Love the dpi shift function (other functions such as dpi cycling, up and down great too) and how the g510 keyboard could communicate with the g400 mouse through LGS.

    Thx for explaining this


    • A profile that has key commands that can be assigned to buttons will be available in the next update of the software. If everything goes well it will launch next week.

      If you are asking about LCD support in BF3, that is not included in the development of profiles. LCD support must be created by the game developer and integrated directly into the game. Logitech cannot implement LCD support with a profile.


  • Hi Chris…

    What is the better control for Combat Arms…?

    I have the Joystick Attack 3 but I could’t wake it works…!!!

  • Any chance you could add the support for G700?

    Logitech Gaming Software is awesome, but the Setpoint software is a little bit crappy. 🙁

  • There was a more recent update since this article (ver 8.20.74) and there’s still no support for the G700 mouse. Why is the top of the line mouse still using setpoint while the g400 gets the gaming software goodness?

  • My g35 doesn’t get detected.
    I have G19 keyboard no problems with it only my G35 gives me probs.
    I have tryed reinstalling everything but same problem.

  • I have the extreme 3d pro and BF3. When are you guys going to release an analog throttle fix for that stick? It has been two months since this post and the last update to the software was August 2010.

  • How can i create a profile for mw3 ? I tried, but i don’t know how to get the controller working with mw3.

    • If you have a device that is supported by LGS 8.20, there should be a profile for Modern Warfare 3 by default.

      If you’re asking about getting a Logitech gamepad to work with Modern Warfare 3, unfortunately that game does not support gamepads. To get the gamepad to work you will need to create a profile using the LGS 5.10 software. There are instructions and a tutorial for creating profiles in the Help file of that software.

  • I just bought an Attack 3 Joystick for my Battlefield 3 game on the PC. I go onto the Page on this Website to download the stuff for it, and I’m not too sure if it is compatible with Battlefield 3, can someone out there please tell me if it DOES work for BF3?

  • Logitech G400 Settings

    It has been three months since this same question was last posted and still no Bf3 settings. How soon can we expect that?

  • I just saw that. thanks for being so prompt with the response. I apologize for not checking first. Wonderfully done!


  • Hi Chris,

    Will Logitech build a COMPACT gaming keyboard in the future? Currently all Logitech gaming keyboards take up a lot of space…I know you need space for the G keys, but the keyboard can be made more compact if the numlock keys and cursor are integrated into the regular keys…Similar to the Logitech USB keyboard for Playstation 2 (discontinued).

    I would be great if a gaming keyboard was made compact without any LCD panel, or any sound card, but with G Keys to left of the qwerty keys…Also that this keyboard have a minimum amount of G keys (10-12 keys). Also that it be programmable throough the Logitech Gaming Software and interact with G400 mice…

    Pls see link for example of compact keyboard:

    Thank You


    • Hi Jose,

      Thank you for the commentary. We do not discuss plans for future products in public, but we will keep your suggestions in mind as we develop our roadmap.


  • I dont see any profiles to the games I have. Im using a G300 and was able to see all my game profiles before reinstalling. How can I get them back?

    • Hi Gossamer,

      Click the down arrow under the + sign at the left of the list of profiles and select “Scan for new games”.


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