Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Set Sail

I am so excited to introduce you to our next Ultimate Ears Artist To Watch band  for October – Set Sail.  They are truly a band that LIVES for music.  They started off as buskers (the official genre label for street performers) and have recently transcended to recording an album and are now doing small venues around the world.  The best part is that they video document all of their crazy experiences from their Set Sail Facebook page.  To give you an example, the first video I ever watched of Set Sail was of them being thrown in jail in Spain for playing music on the street.   These guys hail from Australia and just wrapped up a US tour of which they travelled all over the US in a small van that they gave to the Orange County Rescue Mission Homeless Shelter at the end of their tour showing their heart for people as well as music.

We loved their passion for music so much that we actually gave them some of our Ultimate Ears Custom In-Ear Reference Monitors (made in collaboration with Capitol Studios) so they could mix and record on the road.  Set Sail is about to tour Australia then off to Africa, South America and Antarctica – so I am really looking forward to watching this journey unfold.  We will no doubt be watching these guys as they spread their love for music around the world.  You can’t help but get behind their cause, root for their success and enjoy their upbeat music!


Senior Manager, Internet Properties & Artist Partnerships for Ultimate Ears