Tech Highlight of the Week

Here at Logitech, we’re crazy about technology. While we often blog about how our products help you enjoy and immerse yourself if the digital world, we’ve decided to dedicate some of our posts to other tech news happening in any given week.  We’ll still talk about our great products! This is just a chance to explore how our work fits into the larger picture of tech trends and breakthroughs.

That said, happy birthday iPod! This week marks 10 incredible years of a complete transformation in the way the world collects, listens to and even advertises music. At the time of its debut, this revolutionary device instantly became the world’s audio player of choice, giving us the exhilarating power to create playlists, quickly search libraries for the songs we want and even get feedback on our own listening habits via play counts and genius suggestions.

What’s more, iPod is even said to have helped launch music careers, with bands such as Jet, Feist, CSS and many others seeing critical initial sales boosts linked to their presence in iPod ads.  U2 even notoriously sought out the device, teaming with Apple to launch a special edition iPod to coincide with the European iTunes store opening. By this time there was no doubt about iPod’s centrality to the music business.

For Logitech, this was a chance to channel our love for music and technology into products that help you enjoy iPod even more.  For example, the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere™ 2 is a portable speaker system that offers clear sound and maximum bass anywhere you want to listen. The 10-hour battery and convenient carrying case make it perfect for cranking up the tunes  in the space of your choice.

If it’s just you and your personal anthems, check out our Ultimate Ears 700 Noise-Isolating Earphones – designed and tuned by some of the best engineers in the business. They’re sure to have you wondering how such big sound can come from such a small source.

We look forward to seeing what Apple has in store for the iPod in the years ahead. In the meantime, use the comments section to tell us what iPod means to you!


Sr. Public Relations Manager