Fantasy Football – Logitech Style!

With the football season in full swing, it’s time to start looking for any edge possible for your fantasy team. Whether you need to dig yourself out of a poor start to the season or pad your record en route to the championship, Logitech has a number of accessories that can help you along the way.

Come Sunday, dodge any last-minute de-activations on your team from the comfort of your couch with a Logitech Lapdesk. Logitech Lapdesks offer a variety of features and range in price between $39.99 and $79.99 depending on which model you choose. Their heat-shielding design means you can make any free-agent pickups and lineup changes you need all the way up to kick-off, without ever worrying about your lap overheating.

Can’t make it out to the stadium this Sunday? Well, there’s no better way to reproduce that thunderous sound than with the Logitech Speaker System Z906 – it helps fill your living room with the roar of the crowd, so you won’t regret passing on tickets. And we’re guessing your friends won’t either!

Even if you’re on the go and only have your iPad 2® with you, you can still talk smack to your league mates by equipping your tablet with the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard. Simply open and type with this convenient, full-sized portable Keyboard and case. It wakes up and is ready to use as soon as it’s unfolded, and turns itself off automatically to save power when not in use.

So who’s ready for week seven? Let us know in the comments!


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