Entertain on-the-go with the new Logitech Tablet Speaker

Today brings good news for all you tablet users out there: The new Logitech Tablet Speaker is here to help you enjoy and share stereo sound on your tablet, no matter where you go!

A rubberized clip lets you securely attach this compact speaker to your iPad or other tablet device. Once you connect the audio cable to the headphone jack, just sit back and enjoy—perfect for an impromptu dance party or a movie on the go.

To keep the party going, the speakers charge via USB and have a battery life of up to eight hours. So you can watch a show you missed, play games for hours or just fall asleep to your favorite music.

The Logitech Tablet Speaker is the perfect way to share with your friends and extend your tablet experience into the world around you.  It also comes with a travelling case, so it’s great for last minute summer travel. Tell us what you’d use the Logitech Tablet Speaker to listen to in the comments.


Logitech Senior Director for Tablet Products


  • I am looking forward to this.

    Currently, I am using Z305 and it is bit of a hassle to have separate USB power support to use it for iPad.

    Since it has USB connection for charging, will it use USB connection for audio input as well?

  • Great idea. I have the similar Logitech Z305 for my laptop. This isn’t an option for me since I just purchased a competitive product. Had I known this was coming along, I would have waited. Good luck.

  • This will be perfect for the Netflix app that I just installed on my ASUS Eee Pad Transformer!! I was watching a movie last night and even with cupping my hands around the speakers to amplify the audio, it wasn’t enough to hear the dialog in a quiet room. I would buy this today if it was available! Thanks Logitech!

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