Get Ready for PAX Prime!

We’re gearing up for PAX Prime and are excited to be demoing Guild Wars 2 in our booth. Here’s a look at what they have in store for you – can’t wait to see you there!
– Vincent Tucker

Europe can’t have all the fun, so the week after gamescom we’re bringing the brand new Guild Wars 2 demo to the Penny Arcade Expo, North America’s premier video game fan convention! It’s all happening from August 26-28 in Seattle, WA. Since we’re on our home turf, we’ll have a veritable army of ArenaNet staffers on hand at our booth (#442) to show off the new demo and meet our fellow gamers.

Here’s what PAX attendees can expect from Guild Wars 2 this year:

PvP with Alienware

We’re bringing Guild Wars 2 PvP to PAX! Stop by the Alienware booth to watch challengers face ArenaNet developers in PvP tournaments throughout the weekend! If you want to enter the tournament, sign up at the Alienware booth at PAX!

Play Guild Wars 2 with Logitech

Not only will we have the Guild Wars 2 demo at our booth, but you can also play it at the Logitech booth (#1340), where we’ll have 10 dedicated stations running the demo!

Panels All Weekend

We’re hosting panels in Room 2B all weekend long! With a wide range of topics such as character design, writing and lore, the state of Guild Wars, content design, and community, we’ve got a panel for you! For you aspiring artists out there, we’re hosting a portfolio review by ArenaNet artists on Sunday. It all happens in Room 2B!

The Big Panel

On Saturday, August 27 at 1:00 PM, Guild Wars 2 takes over the Pegasus Theater for our big panel, Guild Wars 2: Designing a Cooperative Experience. ArenaNet devs like Eric Flannum, Colin Johanson, Jeff Grubb, and Jon Peters for an in-depth look at GW2 content design, lore, PvP, and more! If you’ve ever wanted to ask a question about Guild Wars 2, now’s your chance!

Play Sylvari and Asura

Play as an enigmatic sylvari and an ingenious asura for the first time in North America! Experience the dream-like sylvari starter experience or

Choose Your Charr Legion

You can now forge your destiny as a member of the Iron, Ash, or Blood Legion in our charr starter area. You can also choose to play the human and norn starting experience as well.

The Tough Stuff

Looking for a real challenge? We’ll have more advanced content in the PAX demo. Face powerful Orrian enemies on land, engage them in battle underwater, and go head-to-head against an impressive new boss that everyone will be talking about!

Customize Your Character’s Appearance

You’ll now be able to play around with our character appearance customization feature and control the way your character looks.

Play Seven Professions

Play all seven professions that we’ve revealed so far: engineer, thief, guardian, necromancer, ranger, warrior, and elementalist.

Show Your GW2 Pride – Get a T-Shirt!

We know that quite a few of our fans have come to meet us at conventions, and you might even have picked up some sweet swag in the past (Guild Wars 2 bandanas, anyone?). If you have any Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 gear, we want you to show your Guild Wars pride to PAX! We’ll have some staffers roaming the convention, and if they spot you wearing your Guild Wars pride, you could score some sweet Guild Wars 2 merch!


Director Of Innovations & Strategy at Logitech