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This week Esquire featured the Logitech Alert in their piece entitled The Surveilling Man, that tested and reviewed web enabled home security cameras. Writer Barry Sonnenfeld felt the Alert was the most sophisticated of the systems he reviewed. In his opinion, Logitech Alert is a  “professional-level security camera best for amateur detectives.” With many people embarking on summer getaways and hoping to keep track of their homes, this Esquire feature came at a great time. Don’t forget that the recently released Alert iPad App will let you check in while away.

In their Best Money-Saving Tech feature, CNET UK recommended downloading the free Logitech Touch Mouse App to turn your iPod touch into “a gorgeous multi-touch trackpad — better than anything you’ll find on a laptop.” What better way to breathe new life into a device that you’ve most likely been ignoring since upgrading to a smart phone and purchasing that iPad 2?

For other Logitech news highlights from the week, check out the list below.


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