Trying to Beat the Summer Heat

Hello summer. Hello sunburn.  Hello sweat.  And it’s only just begun.

Luckily, there is technology on our side to help us all beat the heat. Cooling mechanisms have impacted everything from food storage to human migration. For instance, without air conditioning, would Phoenix ever have become metropolis it is today? And forget summer road trips. You can hardly drive down a summer block without AC  at full blast in the car—let alone a cross country long road trip with the kids.

We have koozies to keep our drinks cold, polymer-crystal bandannas when we need to seriously chill. We even have special vests, fans, misters—the list goes on.

At Logitech, we try to help keep heat to a minimum too. We all know laptops can get hot – that’s why we developed the Logitech Cooling Pad N200. You can keep your cool thanks to the virtually silent, tilted fan with a large grill. And the Cooling Pad N200 also provides more comfort when using your laptop on the couch, bed or floor.

And you can also use all of that sun to your advantage. The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 can harness the power of light to charge its batteries – and a single charge will last you months.

We always like to hear from you so tell us what some of your favorite summertime innovations are in the comments below.


Sr. Public Relations Manager