Logitech in the News

The most exciting Logitech news from the past week comes from Ultimate Ears. As reported on this blog, Ultimate Ears is now offering Artist Editions artwork options for their Custom Stage Earphones. Many of UE’s high profile clientele enhance their custom in-ear monitors with exclusive artwork, and the new Artist Editions give others a chance to do the same. Be sure to check out designs from the first artist partner, Andrew Pommier. As Ubergizmo reports, “Logitech is looking for great artists around the globe to churn out exclusive designs for their custom earphones.” Stay tuned for future designs!

In other Logitech audio news, Beatweek published a stellar review of the Logitech Speaker System Z906. According to reviewer Bill Palmer, “The Z906 brings a truckload of beautiful audio into your home. It’s enough to fill your entire home with decent sound for party purposes, or an entire room with immersive sound for movie watching purposes.”

Lastly, CNET awarded the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad an excellent rating with 4 out of 5 stars. Among the features they found particularly positive were the “sturdy feel, iPad-specific control buttons, and its magnetic slipcover doubles as an iPad stand when typing, tilting to multiple angles.” CNET used the Tablet Keyboard to write the review, and found that doing so solidified the importance of the iPad stand feature. They had this to say, “the fact that we wrote this whole review on it and never got tired is the best recommendation we can give. At $69, this keyboard’s well worth the money, unless you prefer Apple’s solution and don’t mind forgoing the stand. Think carefully about that choice, though: a stand matters more than you think.”

Check out the list below for more Logitech news highlights from around the globe for the past week.


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