Artist Editions Artwork Comes to Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears Custom Stage Earphones are made to order, each pair handcrafted and individually designed. Many of our high profile Rock Star Clients take the personalization even one step further and provide us with exclusive artwork from artists they love.

Now we are giving everyone the chance to show off exclusive artwork on their professionally tuned Ultimate Ears Custom Stage Earphones. Introducing our new “Artist Editions” Artwork Option.

We are scanning the globe for great artists that we handpick to make exclusive designs for our custom earphones. Congratulations to our first Artist partner – Andrew Pommier.

Andrew Pommier grew up in a small mining city located the wilds of Northern Ontario. It was there that he found skateboarding and punk rock music. He left the city’s bare and rocky moonscape at 18 to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto and never looked back…

Andrew’s graphics have graced the bottoms of such top brands as Toy Machine and Girl Skateboards along with some of the industries more core labels like Coda and the UK based Heroin Skateboards. He continues to be the key producer of graphics for skater owned Momentum Wheel Co., and has lent his name to many signature products over the years from adidas shoes to the Zune MP3 player to Kokanee beer cans. He’s also had a long term association with Southern California based RVCA Clothing who’s music program supports many bands like Modest Mouse and Animal Collective as well as the Canadian super group Broken Social Scene with whom he worked with last summer to design a limited edition t-shirt for their show on Toronto Island in Ontario.

Although a Vancouver based artist, Andrew has been very much on the move as of late. He spent the final 3 and a half months of 2010 touring through the south of France with an art show of his oil paintings entitled “At the Time of Fear”. After sojourns into Prague, Amsterdam, and Berlin, he briefly returned to Vancouver for the holidays before heading south. Even though he is sleeping on couches and borrowed floors he continues to be productive with the barest of art making implements, which besides the necessary digital accoutrements of laptop and scanner are the more fundamental pen, paper and kit of water color paints. Regardless of his recent restlessness a studio space in Vancouver awaits him so his return is simply a matter of time.


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