New Ultimate Ears Rdio Playlists

Ultimate Ears is now broadcasting over Rdio. We’ve taken the best artists from our Ultimate Ears Presents… and our Artists to Watch program and we’ve built over 10 playlists for your listening pleasure. That’s over 10 free hours of amazing music – but don’t take our word for it – go and listen for yourself. There is something to suit everyone’s taste.

Want to hear the best collection of jazz? Go and listen to  Ultimate Ears Picks – The Soul of Miles/ Jazz playlist.

Want to hear rare treasures from Indie Artists?  Check out  the Ultimate Ears Picks – Indie playlist.

Our move into Social Music compliments our current position as leaders and innovators in everything music. Our Rdio channels further promote our music platforms and allow us to interact with our clients.

About Rdio:

Rdio (pronounced ar-dee-o) is a new social music service, founded by Janus Friis with Niklas Zennström, that’s taking the work out of deciding what to play next — follow friends and people with great taste in music, get inspired by what they’re playing, and listen to their playlists.


Senior Manager, Internet Properties & Artist Partnerships for Ultimate Ears

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