What Does Polycom’s Acquisition of HP Visual Collaboration Mean?

Earlier this week Polycom announced it would be acquiring HP’s Visual Collaboration business – which primarily features its video conferencing unit Halo. What signal does it send to the video industry that HP is selling off its video business to Polycom? As I stated to the Wall Street Journal, this move is indicative of the limited opportunity for the dedicated telepresence suites that Halo offers. We see the market moving toward more accessible video communication options that span the tablet, mobile phone, desktop and are able to reach every meeting room. Our focus, as both Logitech and LifeSize, is to continue relentlessly innovating to introduce solutions that make video calling possible anytime, anywhere on any device. Stay tuned for continued news of our own on that front in the coming months.

For additional details, you can also take a look at LifeSize’s blog post by CEO Craig Malloy breaking down the Polycom news and sharing LifeSize’s response.


Senior Vice President and General Manager, Logitech for Business @EricKintz