Avistar, Logitech and Partners Virtualize Communications and Workgroups

Many IT departments are gaining efficiency and cost savings for their organizations through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which allows the use of virtual machines to let multiple network subscribers maintain individualized desktops on a single, centrally located computer or server. Still another IT productivity trend is Unified Communications (UC), which consists of integrated real-time communication solutions and is continuing to grow in the professional market as a means of streamlining communications, saving travel costs, reducing the carbon footprint and allowing for flexible work locations. Bringing VDI and UC together can quickly transform a professional work environment by combining all of the benefits from these solutions – for both companies and their employees.

To fully realize these benefits, you need great tools. Today at the Citrix Synergy event in San Francisco, Avistar Communications Corporation is demonstrating how it is collaborating with Logitech, HP and Citrix on a solution that brings HD video communication to the virtual desktop using the Logitech B990 Webcam with H.264 encoding.

This demonstration is just one example of how Logitech is working with partners to bring seamless HD video communications to anyone, anywhere, immersing companies and users into the benefits of Unified Communications.

Now that the quality of video communications in business has become something we can depend on, there really isn’t any reason not to use video calling instead of a phone call to speak with your business colleagues. Working from California, and having finally incorporated video calling into my routine, I am so pleased that I can see my colleague in Cork, Ireland during our regular meetings. Our meetings feel like face-to-face meetings as we share and review documents. It makes the quality of our regular calls so much better – and honestly, more fun!


Director, Product Management