Microsoft’s Skype Acquisition – What it Really Means for Logitech

I must admit, I was a bit surprised by a recent article speculating that Logitech could be threatened by the combination of Microsoft and Skype into a single company. But this has given me an opportunity to reflect on just how well positioned Logitech and our LifeSize division are in the rapidly evolving video communication industry.

Logitech’s vision is to be able to provide HD video communication solutions to workers in businesses of all sizes, anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether the workers are in the board room, their office, a remote site or on the road. Specifically with Microsoft and Skype, Logitech is the only major video communications company working with both organizations.

Logitech actually has a very broad and growing portfolio of video communication solutions for enterprise customers. Let’s start with the desktop. Logitech is the leading provider of webcams for desktop video communications in any sort of business – working closely with both Microsoft and Skype on their popular video communications platforms. Whether Microsoft and Skype are two entities or one, Logitech’s partnership with these video communications platform providers provides high-quality solutions for business customers and we are confidentthat we can continue to serve customers through these collaborations.

This brings me to the enterprise meeting room, which is one area of specialty for the Logitech business that I founded – LifeSize. LifeSize has a well-rounded portfolio of infrastructure, management and endpoint solutions for enterprise-class HD video conferencing – and our systems are already qualified for and interoperable with both Microsoft and Skype. We are already helping to drive the disruption in video conferencing technology and our unmatched total cost of ownership enables true anytime, anywhere video conferencing for knowledge workers across the enterprise as well as in medium-sized businesses.

We welcome the efforts that Microsoft and Skype have been making to drive industry standards and interoperability in video communication across platforms and we’re proud to be working with them to provide leading solutions to business customers in markets throughout the world.


SVP of Logitech and CEO of the LifeSize Communications division of Logitech

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  • Interesting to see the technology been developed and distributed to faciliate business communication. It does take time to get all the factors or variables working together. I have always enjoyed the quality and ease of use of Logitec webcams and have been very effective in my experience for using skype and as mentioned in article all will work just fine with Microsoft.

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