From the Floor of Google I/O 2011

Google kicked off its annual developer’s conference yesterday by sharing some impressive figures: there are now 100 million activated Android devices; 400,000 new Android devices activated each day; 200,000+ free and paid apps available in the Android Market with 4.5 billion apps installed; and there are more than 310 Android devices around the world. All that in less than three years!

After two days at the conference, there were three things that got me excited:

1. Android 3.1 (Honeycomb)

Google’s new guidelines for working with phone manufacturers, as well as a single operating system for cellphones, tablets and Google TV, will mean that developers can build one app that works on all three devices, and the app will adjust accordingly. There are also some new features such as expanded task switching, resizable widgets, Renderscript (which looked very realistic in an up-close demo), USB device support (great news for Logitech), as well as the new Google Movie and Google Music products. Very cool.

This is also important for Google TV users. All Logitech Revue with Google TV units will get the Honeycomb update pushed automatically to them this summer and this update will include the Android Market. Having the Android Market on my Logitech Revue will make my TV even more connected

2. Chromebooks

The Chromebook is basically a laptop that is built and optimized for the Web. But what excited me most were a few specific features: it boots up in 8 seconds, automatically installs updates, will last a day of use on a single charge (no more carrying a power cord), and your apps, games, photos, music, movies and documents will be accessible wherever you are. All this and you won’t need to worry about backing up your files, since they are stored in the cloud. And with optional 3G (like your smartphone), you can access the web when you need it. They will be hitting shelves on June 15.

3. Android@Home: Google Home Control

So Google is now officially entering the home automation space thanks to Android. Android@Home will let developers create Android apps that will allow any of your Android devices to control various things in your home, including light switches and appliances. And seeing the lights controlled by a tablet in a room with 5,000 people showed that it is on the very near horizon.

Outside of the major announcements, walking around the Developer Sandbox to experience some of the futuristic hi-tech apps (iRobots), controlling a HUGE labyrinth game board from an Android tablet, and free lunch (thanks Google!) made Google IO a memorable experience. Oh yeah – and I’m already loving Angry Birds on Chrome!


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  • Any word on when the Revue will be sold world wide? (and please don’t say “this summer” because a timeline that vague is infuriating)

    • Hi JJJ,
      I can not provide an update on availability of the Logitech Revue outside of the U.S.

  • Is there any plans (and no I don’t actually expect an answer just want to make sure the ideas are out there) for the next Google TV system from Logitech to incorporate full harmony support (ie work with other highend Logitech remotes.) Squeezebox support (creating like Sonos style mesh whole house audio system, along with Google Music intergration) and incorporation of Android@home helping to facilitate a control system like crestron or control4 but with Android, Google Music, Squeezebox, Harmony, and other android@home/Google tv developers. That would be pretty epic. I thinks could definitely help Logitech get a leg up into more household control especially considering today URC came out with their own whole house system.

    • Hi Jacob,
      While I can’t share any future plans, I wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm for the Logitech Revue with Google TV. Stay tuned here for future news!

  • Hi I just bought a revue, and it is a fine piece of equipment.

    The Honeycomb update OTA, will I recieve that here in Denmark where I live ???

    Many of the spotlights dosent work because I am outside US.

    I am sure this machine will be cool when honeycomb gets out.
    Then it will be possible to install silverlight. which many danish webtv players use

    and yeah. Market of course 😉

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