Accessorizing with Mom – Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day

Still haven’t picked up a gift for Mother’s Day yet? Don’t sweat it – we’re here for you. Whether your mom already has the latest gadgets or you’re looking to buy her that iPad, iPhone or iPod she has been eyeing, don’t forget that mom’s love to accessorize!

Does mom already have an iPad 2? Make it even better with the “ingenious” (Fast Company’s words, not ours) Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2. Mom’s transition to touch screen just got that much easier with an all-in-one device that offers an embedded Bluetooth wireless keyboard, stand for the iPad and a protective aluminum case.

Is your mom a music lover? Take her iPod or iPhone up a notch with the Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i. These speakers sound great and will give her a full day’s (or night’s) worth of music on a single charge. And when mom needs to charge her iPod or iPhone, just dock it!

If mom is a laptop addict, consider the gift of cool comfort and improved sound with the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700. This comfy lapdesk will allow Mom to relax on the couch with her laptop on a padded base, while providing rich, full stereo sound for music and online videos – all while keeping her and her laptop cool.

Most importantly, if you can’t be with your mom, don’t forget to call! And score major bonus points for a video call using an HD webcam.

Tell us what you plan to get your mom in the comments, and if you’re a mom yourself let us know what you want this year.


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