Squeezebox Controller App for iOS Now Available

When we launched our Logitech Squeezebox Controller App for Android last month, many customers asked “where is the iOS version?”  Well, I’m happy to say that it’s here!

Today, we launched our Logitech Squeezebox Controller App for iOS. By downloading the app, you can turn your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a controller for all of your Logitech Squeezebox players, giving you total control of your players at your fingertips in any room in your house!

So download the Logitech Squeezebox Controller App from the App store today. Did I mention it’s free?

iPad interface:

iPhone / iPod interface:


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  • I went to iTunes to download the app, but I keep getting a message that says “Your request could not be completed.” Any chance I’m getting that because it won’t work with my older iPhone 3G or does it need more time before its available in the store? I tried to find the web page on iTunes about it to see if the hardware compatibility was the issue, but I couldn’t find the right page on their site.

  • Hooooorayyyy. This is great. Thanks for your wonderful commitment to customers. Installing it now.

  • Nice! I see we can control individual players. Are we also able to synchronize multiple players with the same source with this app?

  • Really this is the best you could do? iPeng is so much nicer, I mean this app can’t even scroll right without registering a row selection before the scrolling begins. It doesn’t look or feel like an iOS app. Perhaps porting it from android wasn’t the smartest move.

  • The IOS squeezebox controller app is not able to connect to Squeezebox Touch running local Squeezebox server 7.5.4 connecting to local USB drive? It works when my Squeezebox touch switch to my Mac library.

  • I can’t get this app to connect Squeezebox Server. Can you kindly explain what “Server —– requires a username and password” means? What user name? What password? I’ve tried everything I can think of and nothing works, including the mysqueezebox.com username and password. I’ve got 2 Squeezebox products, and have never been asked for this before. I’m using Mac OSX10.6.

  • sweet! finally free and official SB apps. didn’t even know about last month’s Android version. been really wanting something that worked for a while.


  • It would be great news…if squeezebox touch or duet were available here in Brazil!
    I visited the Logitech Brazilian website and what did I find? Squeezebox classic…
    I find it apallling that I have to catch a plane to Miami to get the latest stuff from Logitech. You have a great bunch of fans down here and we – still – do not get the latest products from you.

    I am an audiophile and I’m into wi-fi music players. I loved the new Transporter SE Network MP but – guess what – it’s not available here, not even squeezebox duet or touch!

    Shame on you Logitech!

  • Great app, thanks have been waiting for this. Agree with the commenter about the unnecessary login to my squeezebox.com, also would be good to be able listen to music on th iPad / iPhone.

  • Good, but not perfect. Needs a ‘Home’ button – constantly hitting the ‘back’ button is not iphonic, in fact, it’s not even good web. And needs customisable menus, like Squeezebox Players. An OK first release…

  • ipeng is better featurewize but i find this one easier to navigate.
    i do miss the feature ipeng has, which let’s the iphone act as a player.
    i use that when i am away from home, to stream music to my phone, and i love it.
    any chance this could be added?

  • Tried to make it work on an iPod touch. The app wasn’t able to connect to my player (although for some reason it listed its MAC address correctly), nor was it able to see my squeezebox server 7.5.3., Once your stuck on the “no player found” page, the app isn’t offering any “way out” options. Had to re-install the app. For me pretty useless app, while iPeng is working fine. Is there a reason why the logitech app is free?

    • We wanted to make the app free so any Squeezebox lover could enjoy the added control from their smartphones. I’m sorry to hear you are having some difficulty but if you contact our support line, they should be able to assist.

    • Daniel,
      Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into ways to provide a “way out” for future versions, and to eliminate the need for such. It is strange that the application could not find your player. Things that sometimes cause this situation are multi-router networks and having registered the application or server using a different user name and password than what is known at mysqueezebox.com.
      Our testing team will continue to investigate looking for reasons that your player would not show up.

  • Confession upfront – I am an iPeng user. When I saw the news that Logitech has an app I quickly installed it. I am disappointed. Here are the areas of improvement:
    – no alarm control?
    – is it a native app? it does not feel like one. seems more like a web app…
    – jerky scrolling – perhaps because it is not a native app…
    – interface needs several rounds of refining – hire somebody to design it if necessary
    – why is a login into mysqueezebox.com necessary? what if my music network is not connected to the internet or my internet connection is not working? the dependency on an internet connection means you cannot control your music using your iphone if you happen to be suffering an outage of sorts…
    – no manual addition of players or server ip/port

    The parts working well:
    – very quick to obtain data from an underpowered infrant readynas. lists rendered quite quickly and images were not too far behind. what is the protocol being used?

    • Thank you for your feedback and I will be sure to share with the team for future updates to the app.

  • Is there going to be a Squeezebox Touch in a WHITE edition? It’s a great piece of equipment, but I don’t want black. Thanx!

    • We can’t talk about future product development plans but thanks for your enthusiasm for a white version of the Squeezebox Touch.

  • Hi!
    This app is great!

    One feature to make it greater:
    – Customizable home menu like on Squeeze OS devices.

  • It doesn’t install on my first gen IPod which uses v3.1.3 software.

    Will this ever work with device ?


    • Hi Sto,
      In order to provide a great experience for the application, the Logitech team made the decision to only support iOS 4.0 and above. There is no plan to support earlier versions of the OS than 4.0

  • Any chance of having a quicker navigation through artist/albums …..

    Home button please

    Better scrolling would be great in the future

  • I’ve been using the squeezebox controller app on ios (both iPhone and iPad1&2) for a couple weeks now and I really like it. Nicely done.

    It’s pretty good, but it does exhibit a few pretty common problems with responsiveness:
    – The Table Views are a bit slow. Maybe this is because of the complex table cells. There are some clever ways to get around this, particularly for static content like yours.
    – Background image loading is good, but the merge seems to slow things down in the main thread. I wonder if there’s a sizing problem.
    – Main image display is a bit slow. I wonder if you’re trying to display something like JPEG directly instead of converting to PNG in the background.
    – Slow to rotate. Probably have some view controller setup/teardown issues here.

    There are a few other oddities I recognize from my travails with Table Views and there are also some bits and pieces that could use a little background processing here and there. You guys should also consider implementing a very basic swipe to play or swipe to add paradigm on your list table view.

    If you’re using a cross-platform toolkit instead, then I’m very impressed. If not, could stand to be tightened up a bit.

    In any case, thanks for putting it out there, I’m finding it very useful.

    -Steve Gifford
    (mousebird consulting)

  • The one time I actually got the ap to work with my squeezeboc classic, it was pretty sweet for free. However as a former Logitech employee, I feel this software is a let down of the quality the Logitech brand usually stands for. I know software has always been a weak side of Logitech products, but the mission of enhancing the user experience was truly missed with the app. It’s clunky when it does work.

    So I can ping the squeezebox from my iPhone, but the Logitech ap can’t find the player. There is a bug somewhere in your application, and really needs to be fixed. I have the latest firmware and software on iPhone, squeezebox, etc.

  • Update!

    I can get the ap to see the player when it is connected to mysqueezebox.com, but as soon as I connect the player to the slim server on my machine, it craps out.

    You guys definitely have a bug in your code, and it’s pretty disappointing that your QA department did not find this bug. Should be testing for things like this.

  • Would be good to have a home menu which allowed you to select multiple squeeze boxes so they could be set up to play in sync.

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