New Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z906

Are you holding out for the perfect speakers to take your home-entertainment system to the next level? Well, today we’re excited to announce the Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z906 that will give all the devices in your living room that crystal clear, THX® Certified 5.1 surround sound you’ve been waiting for.

Make any night opening night with superb quality control. The onboard digital decoding enables detailed surround sound in every aspect of your audio experience –from the roar of the crowd to the footsteps right behind you. The 500 watts RMS power will deliver balanced, thunderous audio exceptional enough to shake your house, and your whole neighborhood.

Finally we’re giving you the flexibility to set up your system the way you want to, making it easier for you to multitask and entertain. Connect up to six audio devices simultaneously, including your TV, DVD, DVR, Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION3, Wii, iPod and more.

The stackable, easy-to-read design fits right in with any home-entertainment system and gives you control of your audio right from your couch. Included in the package are five satellite speakers, a subwoofer, a speaker connection wire, 6-foot six-channel direct cable, a stackable control console, a wireless remote, and 3 AAA batteries.

The five wall-mountable satellite speakers convert two-channel stereo into an immersive surround sound experience, making it easy for you to transform any room in your house into a home theater. With 165 watts of deep bass alone, your music, video games, and movies will spring to life and feel as real as possible. You may never want to leave your house to spend $10 at the movies again.


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  • Finally the successor to the Z5500s! I have the older Z5400s and will definately be considering upgrading to the Z906s when they come out, thanks Logitech!

  • Look great, too bad I still can’t replace my Logitech Z-5450. My Logitech Z-5450 keeps overheating and shutting down. Bought it years ago. Would be great of these Z906 were wireless rears like the Logitech Z-5450.

  • I used to have the Logitech Z5500. Brilliant speakers. But i thought the next update from Logitech would support 7.1 with DTS-HD and Dolby Digital Plus with a HDMI input. But its sad to see aminor design change with few more inputs. Little disappointed.

  • Well, I’ve been saving for a set of Z-5500s (the predecessor to these), but will now get these instead! Exciting!

  • Loved the z-5500’s, but why was the display removed on the console?

    Other than a new optical input, what else has improved? Frequency response? The z-5500 had 24bit decode at 96kHz, do these increase that?

  • Nice work logitech,u never go wrong on sound systems. How much are the speakers in rands that is?

  • Been 5+ year owner of the Z5500

    I really like the system, had some problems though:

    just within warranty had the popping problem, got a complete new system for free.
    And the new system is working so far but LED backlight of control unit is broken, also unfortunately common problem.

    Anyway would buy the new system immediately, would have preferred 2 way satellites instead of the 1 way speaker for better sound if listening to music.

  • Apart from the watts, logitech still are sticking with a single speaker for the satellite, which will have problem on defining a CLEAR separation of high & mid sound…Even the best speaker maker such as Klipsch don’t have single speaker for the satellite. I really doubt how does logitech obtain THX certified.

    Very dissapointed with logitech.

  • We don’t need AirPlay. But it would be nice to some kind of wifi capability so we can control it by remote from our Android phones!

    BTW, how come you guys didn’t list the size of the subwoofer anywhere?

    I hope it’s at least 10″, but secretly hoping that you guys have finally moved up to 12″.

  • were do we adjust the bass,the surround volume etc? i didn’t notice any mention of that, or even from the looks of the main controller anything that said “sub” etc…

  • Hopefully, these will be an improvement over the Z5500. While an overall nice set of speakers, they were suited better for movies than music; the treble was subpar and bass, while loud and boomy, was muddled. Also, the satellites (along with their plastic feet) felt cheap and the speaker wires were a joke.

  • Where can I find full technical specifications of this product?
    Such as frequency response bandwidth? harmonic wave distortion? etc etc

  • I own the 5500 and I am very pleased with it, except that I they play little sound on the back satellites.
    Also, the first 2 systems were broken, they played for a few minutes and after that not any more. The 3rd system is the one I now have, and is working all right.
    As for the 906, I definitely think of an upgrade, if they are better in any ways. But, until now, I can’t see any improvement. The console is definitely worse. It looks cheap, and with few settings to change. Hope in reality it’s better.
    What are the actual improvements over 5500?

  • @ daniesy I am completely agree with you.

    We need totally cord free set up of speakers. At least for satellite speakers (Cords are really a headache for me it completely spoils the look of my room.)

    Control Panel of Z5500 is my favorite part. And Z906 has no match for that.

  • I have z 5500 ! Like the sound but had many problems ! but have one that works now !
    HOPE the z906 is better ! I will send back the z 5500 and get the new z906 !! HOPE that it not so many problems with this z906

    But how can we see when its decoding dts or dolby digital ?

  • very exited will buy very soon as i get my pay…The z-5500 had 24bit decode at 96kHz, do these increase that?

  • If you are one of the many people around the world who hasn’t yet switched to surround sound or a home theater system of some sort you may be wondering what the big fuss is all about. Can it really make that much of a difference to watching the television? The answer to that is that unless you have difficulties with your hearing, surround sound can make a marked impact on your overall movie viewing, computer gaming, and music listening experience. There is nothing like being in the center of the action and surround sound puts you in just that spot.

    You can hear the sounds the victim hears in your favorite crime drama from the same direction from which she hears those same sounds. You are literally in the middle of the action right along with her. Your heart will beat right along with subwoofer as anticipation builds (courtesy once again of the surround sound system) in your favorite suspense thriller. It’s almost indescribably the way in which surround sound enriches the movie watching experience for even the most casual of movie watchers.

    I will be the first to admit that I’m notorious for knitting or reading while watching television or movies and only looking up when something captures my attention-generally something I heard or a flash on the screen. This means that sound actually makes me pay attention to what is going on in the movies that I am listening to. I have noticed a marked difference in my interest in movies and television shows since adding surround sound to our home theater system. More and more often I am noticing that scarves and such take twice as long to accomplish and I blame it entirely on the superior sound that is part and parcel to our surround sound system.

    You may not be someone who watches all that much television or even that goes to the movies all that often. If computer games happen to be your thing then you are going to love what surround sound can do for you. In case you’ve forgotten that little bit about it placing you in the center of the action, this works wonders in game and provides important hints to you as to what is going on around you. You can hear the bad guys (or merely the other side) as they attempt to sneak up on you and know where they are coming from. You can hear the hoof beats in the distance or hear the fires burning in barrels off to your left. You can hear the starships flying by as if you were right next to them in the middle of it all. It’s truly an amazing boost to game reality and to the fun of gaming.

    For music lovers, you can feel as though you were sitting right in front of the orchestra or on the front row at a concert for your favorite band. If you are playing music that is recorded live you will really enjoy the feeling of being in the middle of the crowd without the smoke and other fumes that might otherwise detract from your good time. Whether your first love is video, movies, games, or music surround sound has a way to make each of those experiences even more enjoyable in the comfort of your home.
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  • Why no HDMI? Why no Dolby and DTS HD sound?
    Why STILL no tweeter????????

    I will keep my Z5500!

  • I was searching for a new 5.1 speaker set for my computer/tv, and Logitech Z-5500 was high on this list till I saw the Edifier S550. I saw a great review that actually opened the speakers and used some nice equipment to test the audio quality.

    In the end, Edifier S550 had a much better subwoofer system, the speakers actually had two drivers, and the final sound quality reproduction was better. Even though Logitech has a little bit more power (Watts RMS), it´s not an advantage on this case.

    This is what let me down with Logitech. The high end crop of speakers for 5.1 channel does not even care to have two drivers on the speakers and the way THX has been used for the past years does not seem that quality is on the priority list for computer speakers.

    Hope Logitech can do better, doing a great 2.1 system and 5.1 system that really catters for quality and great build.

  • Z-5500 subwoofer watt: 188
    Z-906 subwoofer watt: 165

    Z-5500 remote: 16 buttons
    Z-906 remote 7 buttons

    Sure this is an UPgrade?

    And why are we not allowed to view the full specifications? Because they’re reduced as well? I’ll go buy Z-5500 before they’re all gone.

  • Greatly disappointed with the lack of HDMI and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD support. Instead of working merely on a new design, how about working on new features and improvements in sound quality, Logitech?

  • Nah, these don’t look worth saving for. After a quick DIY fix to my Z5450’s fuse they work perfectly for me still.

    Come on, Logitech, drop us a 7.1 system! 😛

  • A good quality entertainment system should last for a good couple of years.
    On that note you would expect that Logitech would have included HDMI which is the current technology at least.
    See that almost everything is moving towards HDMI.

    To me Logitech has disappointed by not providing this.
    I would have gladly paid the difference in price to have HDMI.
    I’m sticking to my Z5500 THANK YOU.

  • =======================================
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    Nice progress, Logitech!

    1) No HDMI
    2) No Dolby TrueHD
    3) No DTS-HD
    4) No tweeters
    5) No 7.1 system
    6) Less controls on the new and ugly remote
    7) An ugly control console to match the ugly remote

    Why did you take this route??? I expect more from Logitech.

    Tell me, where is the value in the Z906 when you compare it to its predecessor? Oh, I almost forgot… we can connect our Xbox 360, PS3, iPod and Wii. At least you’ve done ONE thing right.

    I’ve always been happy with Logitech products, but not this time. The Z906 is, in my opinion, a downgrade from the Z-5500. It’s a big disappointment. The Z906 is just a less powerful Z-5500 repackaged with a new price tag. I will keep my Z-5500 until I find a worthy successor from one of your competitors.

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