Oscar Night with Logitech Revue

The Academy Awards is almost here, and admit it—you’ve been thinking about it for weeks already. Between the Red Carpet, the nominations, and the deluge of gossip on Twitter, there is plenty of information to soak up before, during and after the big night.

Watching any awards show in your living room can be an event in itself and on Oscar night, the Logitech Revue with Google TV could be your new best friend. Logitech Revue can help you become your own celebrity insider, as Revue brings the awards show and the online conversations together in one place on your HDTV.

Did you know that this is only the third time a man and woman have hosted the show together? The last time was in 1957. Set the mood for the evening by pulling up Oscar trivia on your Chrome browser via Logitech Revue. Get your fill of pre-show research on past and present movies, nominations, and relationship updates, before the Red Carpet begins.

While you are watching the arrivals, browse the best dressed lists on People.com and cast your vote. And during the show, join in the conversation on Twitter while you watch the awards using the picture-in-picture overlay. You can even impress your family and friends by pulling up YouTube trailers for the films you never got around to seeing during commercial breaks.

On Hollywood’s biggest night, share your thoughts about “The Social Network” on your own social networks, right from your HDTV. Logitech Revue with Google TV can help you create the ultimate Oscars experience, without leaving your living room—or the popcorn bowl.

So, what will you be searching for on Oscar night?


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  • Google TV is a very sad story of a great hardware left to die by its running software. In fact these lines are written using my Logitech Revue keyboard…

    My Nexus S phone is faster and better than this piece of useless machine.

    Get real, get a Boxee or any AVI playing capable machine

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