Logitech in the News

The EMI GRAMMY After-Party sponsored by Ultimate Ears was a great success this past weekend. Coverage leading up to and after the party can be found on the LA Times web site and The Huffington Post. Congratulations to the event organizers, Amy Katling and Caryn Tomlinson of EMI, who Android Ashley had the chance to interview last week.

In an article on how to look your best while Valentine’s Day video chatting, Suzanne Kantra of MSNBC included the Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF as a favorite webcam. Kantra noted how much she like the QuickCam Orbit AF’s “unique motorized base, which turns and tilts the camera to follow you as you move.” This feature ensures that you remain in the frame while chatting with your loved ones.

Several blogs and news sources have been spreading the word about the extension of Logitech’s Lifesize video streaming systems to iPads and iPhones. As stated by Crunchgear “more and more business professionals are skipping the airplanes and going for teleconferencing.”  PCWorld.com points out that simultaneously with this increase in video conferencing “more employees are relying on mobile devices.” The expansion of Lifesize is aimed at helping to meet their needs.

Elsewhere in the news, two British sources – The Mirror and ZDNet.co.uk – wrote reviews of the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750. ZDNet reported that with the K750 “Logitech has got it right” in terms of products that use solar power. According to Kevin Lynch of The Mirror, “there are few things more annoying than hunting for some AAs after your [wireless keyboard’s] Duracells have conked out during an email.” This is not something he’ll have to worry about with the solar-powered Logitech K750.

See below for a list of these and other Logitech news highlights from the week.


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