Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Low

So at our weekly TV night, I turned to Robert Plant and said “Robby, what do you think of that band Low” to which he answered: “It’s great music; it’s always been in the house playing away beside Jerry Lee Lewis and Howlin’ Wolf, you know.” We then went back to watching TV.

Now, I have a bit of a confession to make…Robert Plant wasn’t actually at my house, but he did in fact state the aforementioned feelings for this month’s Artist to Watch band: Low.

Low has been around for several years and have garnered great critical success along with a devoted fan following. Their new album “C’mon” took 4 years to make and the results seem to be more than worth the wait. Be like me and pre-order the CD or LP now!

We’re extremely happy to have them as part of our program and suggest you take a listen to them as well – you won’t be disappointed.


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