The NBA All Stars on your Harmony Remote

The NBA All Star Game brings all best talent together for one event. For every fan, the beauty of this game is being able to have all the action in one place at one time.

There’s nothing we love better than having access to everything we love right in our hands. Think of bouncing between channels to find your favorite players, catching SportsCenter’s Top 10 best dunks of the week, or flipping over to NBA Live 10 when you need to get in on the action. All the entertainment you could possibly want from the hot shots of the NBA in your control and at your service.

That’s the approach we took with the Harmony remote line – bringing all the best of your entertainment into one place. While the NBA has around 500 players to choose from – we’ve got 5,000 brands. That’s more than 225,000 devices on our roster, and we’re still putting numbers up on the board.

So as you go into the NBA All Star weekend, what technology would you put on your roster for the best in home entertainment? Let us know in the comments below!


Director of Product Marketing, Remote Control Business Unit


  • How about taking an rf extender like piece, convert it to receive signals via wifi or cat6 rather than rf and build an app for mobile phones to send the signal. The app can be setup just like a remote. Th signals are sent like the app used for google tv, but more universal. The rf extender can convert the sgnals back to ir.

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