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Barron’s has named the Logitech Alert 750i Master System it’s gadget of the week. Reviewer Jay Palmer gave the Alert 750i four stars, praising the system’s video quality and noting “if you must see how the nanny is doing or what’s happening at your pool when you’re away, this could be a boon.”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, ZDNet.com picked up on Logitech’s Global Remote Control Trends Study that reveals people have a lot of love for the remote control. Per Sean Portnoy of ZDNet, “a majority of respondents… feel they are the “owners” of the remote (in their household) — whether or not their significant other agrees.” We get possessive of our Logitech Harmony Remote too, but this Valentine’s Day why not show someone how much you love them by letting them take charge of the remote? Yesterday, Scott Harrington, Director of Product Marketing for Logitech’s Remote Control Business Unit, offered some more highlights from this study here on the Logitech Blog. As Scott writes, when considering Valentine’s Day gifts “chocolates and roses will do, you may want to consider a universal remote control and here’s why: people are passionate about their home entertainment and they want to get to it quickly.”

We’re happy to report that glowing reviews for the Logitech M515 Couch Mouse keep coming. The latest, by Geeksugar this week, speaks highly of the mouse’s ability to work on many surfaces, sealed easy-gliding base and easy-open packaging.

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  • The Squeezebox Boom is almost 3-yrs old technology! Is the next generation design in the works — something with an updated interface like the Squeezebox Touch and Radio? I’m ready to buy an Internet radio boombox-type player NOW, but do not want to be stuck with a product on its last limbs (even if Logitech is good about firmware updates).

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