An Interview with the Masterminds Behind the EMI GRAMMYs After-Party

It’s one of the most secret things in the entertainment industry: the elusive after-party! I’ve always wondered what goes into planning something like this, and I finally got the opportunity to find out. Amy Katling and Caryn Tomlinson of EMI took some time out of their very busy planning schedules to give us a bit of insight into how these fabulous parties come together. Can you believe they spend nine months putting together this one magical event?! They’re working incredibly hard, and I’m very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to get some insider info on how a party like the EMI GRAMMYs After-Party (sponsored by Ultimate Ears) happens.

Watch the interview from the amazing rooftop of Capitol Studios’ building in Los Angeles! And be sure to catch the live red carpet arrivals to the EMI GRAMMYs After-Party at Ultimate starting at 8:30pm PT on Sunday.


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  • No Captions, despite Ashley promising it would be captioned. Also, the audio of the two ladies is lost in the traffic noise.

    Dan Schwartz
    Editor, The Hearing Blog

  • That was a refreshing interview, and those two look as though they mean what they say.

    Lovely girls and Hope the party goes well, and that your artists do well.

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