Give Harmony on Valentine’s Day

With the most romantic day of the year around the corner, you may be thinking about the perfect gift to get your date. While chocolates and roses will do, you may want to consider a universal remote control and here’s why: people are passionate about their home entertainment and they want to get to it quickly.

In our recent Global Remote Control Trends Study, consumers across the globe unanimously agreed that the set-up of a universal remote saves time and energy in the long-run, leaving more time for snuggling on the couch. And 9 in 10 Americans (90%) and Australians (90%) view a good universal remote as a solid investment.

But a word of caution: in all seven countries in the survey, a majority of consumers (between 53% and 65%) believe that they personally “own” the remote are won’t give up control easily.

It’s clear people value their relationship with their home entertainment, and if you’re planning to cuddle up at home this Valentine’s Day, don’t make your sweetie choose between you and the remote – skip the roses, give Mr. or Mrs. Right a Logitech Harmony Universal Remote and find out how one touch can change everything.


Director of Product Marketing, Remote Control Business Unit