Digital Multitasking On the Rise

Do you catch yourself checking Facebook on your Smartphone during your commute to work? Do you browse the Internet on your laptop while you watch your favorite show on TV? Not surprisingly, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, digital multitasking is on the rise – 42% of Americans prefer to surf the Web while they watch TV.

Younger consumers tend to lead the charge when it comes to technology trends, and digital multitasking is no different—37% of 22 to 27-year-olds watch TV on the Web five to seven times a week. But don’t sell the couch and TV trays just yet. While entertainment has become progressively more mobile in recent years, 74% of U.S. consumers still watch TV primarily on their TV sets.

So how can technology companies sate this desire for digital multitasking? As you know, Logitech Revue with Google TV brings the best of Internet content straight to your TV, giving consumers endless entertainment choices by bringing TV, the full Web, apps, music, movies and more together on an HDTV.

Let’s face it, the simple TV-watching experience is anything but stagnant today. This past weekend, 111 million viewers watched the Super Bowl and of those viewers, 27 million tuned into the season premiere of Glee, while celebrity Gleeks including Katy Perry and Emma Roberts tweeted with excitement for the premiere during the game. And consumers want to learn every detail about the Cheerios cheer squad while they watch Glee, pulling information from the Web, Twitter and Facebook.

Logitech Revue gives fans that option with a line of products that makes finding the content they want—and being able to watch it how they want.

Digital multitasking isn’t going anywhere, and the demand for smart, Internet-enabled products in the living room is on the rise. And increasingly Web-savvy consumers won’t settle for a clunky browser or solutions that require multiple cables and remotes—they demand something easy, something seamless. Logitech understands this need all too well, and consumers can expect innovative and quality products from Logitech as we continue to develop solutions that support your digital multitasking addiction.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group