Super Bowl by the Numbers, with Logitech Harmony

The Super Bowl is all a numbers game – working the scoreboard, planning out strategies per quarter and controlling the final few seconds. As you get ready to kickoff your weekend, we wanted to build on our football tips and share some numbers of our own leading up to the big game.

  • 52 million – The 2010 Super Bowl had a record setting 106 million viewers. Assuming a household average of 4 people per TV, that’s over 26 million TVs tuned in and with at least two remotes in use for the big game (one for the TV, one for the cable box) – that’s 52 million remotes clicking away during the big game. And, as we know from a survey we conducted earlier this year, 36% of U.S. households have 4 or more remotes – leaving no room for all your favorite snacks on the coffee table unless you have a Harmony remote!
  • 56% – The Super Bowl is played on neutral turf, but you’ll want to make sure you get home field advantage when you watch. Our survey also showed that that 56% of people think they “own” the remote, so make sure you have a game plan if you want to control the TV during the big game.
  • 1 – The total number of buttons you need to control your home-entertainment system with the Harmony One remote. It has never been easier switch back and forth at halftime between either your favorite Madden video game for more football action, or the ever popular Puppy Bowl.

So enjoy the game – and the commercials – this weekend! And let us know your favorite Super Bowl statistic in the comments below.


Director of Product Marketing, Remote Control Business Unit