Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Two Door Cinema Club

Don’t let the name Hernandez fool you.  I’ve got Irish blood pumping through these veins.  Well, 50% at least.  So imagine my excitement when selecting Two Door Cinema Club as one of our artists to watch this Month.

You see, Two Door Cinema Club is from Northern Ireland.  This power trio is burst onto the scene in 2007 and it’s been like kissing the Blarney Stone every since.  When I first heard them, they reminded me a bit of Vampire Weekend along with tinges of that 80’s New Wave vibe.  I’m not cool enough to use real nifty industry terms for this sound and I figure Vampire Weekend is a band you may have heard so hopefully this description inspires you to check them out.

Their sound is definitely upbeat and I really like the song “I Can Talk”.  You can learn more about these guys over at their site.

Until next time, let the good times roll my friends….


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