Logitech Alert Tips and Tricks: Making the Most of Motion Detection

While Logitech Alert is great for recording video clips of motion-based events, did you know the system also allows you to receive alerts via e-mail or text when motion is detected by a camera?

Setup is minimal. Simply go to the ‘Alerts’ tab within your Commander software and select the camera(s) you would like to receive alerts from.

Alerts tab on Commander software

The e-mail address used to set up your remote viewing account will already be displayed in the recipients section. When you edit or add additional e-mail addresses you can select what type of alert you’d like to receive. The options are ‘Text,’ which is a text e-mail detailing the alert (site name, date, time, camera name, etc.), ‘Snapshot,’ which includes a text e-mail and a photo snapshot and ‘Mobile phone optimized’ for those who want to use their mobile phone carriers’ e-mail-to-SMS service (most, but not all, providers offer this service).
Note, if you choose the ‘Mobile phone optimized’ option you will need to enter your phone number in the e-mail address field, followed by your carrier’s extension (e.g., Verizon users enter phonenumber@vtext.com and AT&T users enter phonenumber@txt.att.net). The Geek Stuff provides a thorough list of other carrier addresses.

Once your alerts are set up, you can easily switch them on and off with your Commander PC software. Additionally, if you purchased the Logitech Alert Web and mobile upgrade bundle ($79.99 per year) you can also control alerts from your Web and Mobile Commander.

Alert Management page from Mobile Commander

So, set up your alerts and leave the house with peace of mind knowing you will be kept in the loop with what’s happening on the home front.


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  • can the logitech 750E series base station and one camera schedule recordings or is it only motion based recording? I need to record for like 4-5 hour each night continuos is this possible with this system? thanks in advance for answering.

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