Spotify Arrives on Logitech Squeezebox in Europe

Big news music lovers in Europe – Logitech has joined forces with Spotify® to support the popular music service on the Logitech® Squeezebox™ Touch or Squeezebox™ Radio Wi-Fi music players! This means that you can now access Spotify’s comprehensive catalogue of more than ten million songs, including your Spotify playlists, anywhere in the home.

To enjoy Spotify on your Squeezebox, all you’ll need is a Spotify Premium subscription, which in addition will give you CD-quality 320 kbps sound, offline and mobile access, as well as exclusive music content. Spotify is currently available in Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the U.K. A test version of the Spotify app for Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Radio owners is available today in Beta form now at


Public Relations Manager, EMEA


    • Hi Arnstein,

      We’re currently focusing on the experience provided on our Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch. We appreciate the importance of our installed base of previous players including Squeezebox Duet, but can’t currently offer a satisfactory solution due to the strict regulations on music file streaming.


    • Hi Sarkari,

      As currently Spotify is only available in Europe, we can’t tell you when this might be availble in India.


  • I have been running a 3rd Party Spotify plug-in on my four Booms and two Duets, it is fantastic. Very disappointing that the official Squeezebox / Spotify release that was downloaded this morning stopped the 3rd party working and I had to revert. Why download it for Booms and Duets if it is not going to operate?

    • Hi Kevin,

      You are right that at this time, the Spotify exprience is only available on Squeezebox and Squeezebox Radio.


  • Hi
    I am running both official Spotify program (for my Squeezebox radio) and also the third party plug-in on a server so when I connect my receiver to my server I can use the official spotify as normal with my Controller

  • I undersand this is currently not available on the Duet due to the strict regulations but could one assume that this will be overcome or is it something that is unlikely to ever happen, it would be good to know for closure and whether or not its time to upgrade.


    • Hi Amund,

      I directed your question to a member of the Logitech Squeezebox engineering team, and here’s what I learned: Squeezebox does not support offline mode. Squeezebox systems are streaming music players for the home — so typically they are within the range of a home WiFi network. You can however, play your local files stored on your computer, or from a USB hard drive, a memory stick or SD card on the Squeezebox Touch.


  • [quote] Hi Arnstein,

    We’re currently focusing on the experience provided on our Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch. We appreciate the importance of our installed base of previous players including Squeezebox Duet, but can’t currently offer a satisfactory solution due to the strict regulations on music file streaming.



    This really says very little, please be more specific, eg are you working on it? – what specifically is the regulatory problem? Surely if the duet has a radio capability there should be a software solution, or is it a matter of whether Logitech is prepared to invest in developing the right software as obviously third parties will if you don’t? If you are working on it what realistic timetable do you have?

    • Hi Arnstein,

      Because this matter is dependent on multiple parties in addition to legal regulations, we unfortunately can not provide more details at this time.


  • I agree with Arnstein, no real reason has been given why I can’t get Spotify onto a SB Duet if it’s already supported on SB Radio. If the two devices are subject to different legal regulations then I would very much like to know why, I have one of each and none of this is explained in the documentation?

    I am also interested in your answers to all of Arnstein’s questions of 2nd Feb. Finally you can tell Spotify from me that they are loosing business while this situation prevails.


  • I currently subscrive to spotify premiun – but cannot access on my squeezebox touch. I used to be able to – but now squeezebox say ‘I need to be a spotify premium’ subscriber’ – I am! I recntly accepted a download of new queezebox software.

    Please can you suggest what the problems is/ how to get going again?

  • I must say that I find it extremely disappointing that Spotify will not work with the Duet. It has taken quite long for Logitech to officially support Spotify as it is, and with this announcement I must confess that I am tempted to buy a Sonos.

  • I find it even stranger that the Spotify app is available on my Duet handset. I can install it and run it and it appears fine. Only when I attempt to play a song do I get an error…

    When it hasn’t been released for Duet, why is it available to install?

    When it is available to install, why isn’t it functional?

  • I was just wondering if the spotify plugin is coming to the DUET at all?? If this is not in your release roadmap, please give me a feedback, so i can send it back to where I bought it.


  • Hello,

    Two weeks I bought a Squeezebox Duet, wondering if I did the correct thing, since this device is allready two/three years on the market (and didn’t support DLNA/UPnP..found out after ordering).

    But the remote which gives the possibility to play all your music from the lazy chair, was the point of buying for me. And there are not much (or no) alternatives with this concept.

    Sofar it works nice streaming my own music from my Netgear Nas (luckily there is a plugin for this device since no DLNA/UPnP support is build in).

    But now I found out Spotify cannot be used….

    It installs nicely… too bad, that I had to pay for a premium account for beeing able to try it out. Music can be found, but when playing a song I get the message on the display (of the remote): “Problem: unable to play file type for: URL:spotify://”

    Album picture is showing and time is counting.. but no sound.

    I cancelled the Spotify account because of technical problems, and asked for returning my money.

    If it doesn’t work it shouldn’t be possible to install it at all. Or a free trying possibility.

    Logitech: Please also support this functionality for this device. Otherwise I regret buying this device. The things I read in this thread don’t make sense to me. Why is it allowed on other squeezebox models and not on the duet? Even on the mobile it’s allowed. So I’d like to understand the problem!

    What’s the status? Is there something planned to solve this issue?

    Thanks for the answer,


  • Its a shame that we’ve waited so long for some clarity on when Spotify will be officially supported and now me sitting with two Duets and a Boom feels like a real idiot for thinking Logitech actually cared about their customers who supported their products for so long.

    Reading between the lines above, its clear that they (Logitech) won’t be supporting legacy products, only pushing their newer systems, thus attempting a forced upgrade.

    We’ll, you should learn from your mistakes and won’t catch me being caught again.

    So, ebaying 2 x Duets and a Boom, going real cheap and found this GREAT product called Sonos (sarcasm abounds) and they even support their old, loyal customers when upgrading to support Spotify.

    We should all approach them from this forum, I’m sure Sonos would do us a great deal!

  • I see that many people have gotten an answer, but isnt it strange that Sonos can have Spotify available? And I dont understand the problem. I have had Premium subsciption since Spotify released, and Squeezebox Duet I’ve also had since release, and the price on it is the same today as what I paid for it back years ago.

    But, when the team arent going to make Spotify work, as we have been waiting for ages on Duet, I feel its better to sell the Duet and get me a Sonos instead. Real shame as I have high regards for Logitech.

  • Spotify tell us we can use our existing playlist bu t I can’t find them on my Logitech Radio device. can you please advice how to access them.
    Regards Wille

  • you’d have thought that a forward thinking company like Logitech would work out a solution for the vast array of customers who have spent lots of money like me on duet, and in the hope that it would be like most devices forward compatible, well it looks like that’s not the case, and frankly thats a disgrace.

    I don’t buy for a minute that its a legal issue, that’s a deflection, if you can stream to a touch, what legal reason can’t you do it to a duet, be honest, and say that you want to make the duet defunct, and want everyone to move to the touch – and we can understand that you just like the rest of the world who offer no commitment to loyalty, i have a house full of your kit, web cams, four squeezebox recievers, remote controls – this is beyond poor its a disgrace . I’ll set up some twitter hastags for those of you who want to follow up on this to make our point across the world of social media – @mattieatkinson

  • All you need to do to listen to Spotify on your Duet, Radio, Touch (any Squeezebox device, even the older models) is install the 3rd party Spotify plugin by Triode. It’s there to install in the ‘plugins’ tab in your squeezebox server. As long as you have your premium subscription it works perfectly and enabes Spotify playback on any squeezebox device, you can even sync it between players as you can with any other music source and it works fine.

    I agree with the other commenter’s that it’s unlikely to be a legal issue, it’s more likely Logitech is just focusing their resources elsewhere.

    Triode’s plugin has been around for a long time now and I’ve even seen it referenced by various members of Spotify’s staff (in comments to other blog posts etc and on forums) as a good way of getting Spotify onto your squeezeboxes – and that was way before the official logitech/spotify plugin was released. I don’t believe for a minute Triode’s plugin would still be available and in active development if there were any legal issues.

  • I just bought Logitech Touch and installed the Spotify app. It works fine, but I keep getting an errormessage from time to time that says that the music I am trying to play is “not available in my region” (Norway). This must be a bug, or what?

  • I just installed the spotify app on my squeezebox radio and it works very well. Thanks! is there a way/tool/app available so that I can select spotify songs on my ipad and play them directly on my squeezebox radio (just like the sonos music system does)? Thanks!

  • First time so disapointed by logitech… why not for the Duet ??!!!
    All is possible in computing, make some effort, it is not an usual to give up for you.

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