Connected TV in a Content Everywhere World – A Mom’s Perspective

This Guest Post is written by Beth Blecherman of Tech Mamas – a blog that covers the intersection between tech, parenting and style. She’s joining us at CES and providing coverage of the week’s events

Connected TV Panelistsat CES

Connected TV Panelists

I attended a panel at CES called “Connected TV in a Content everywhere world – what do we do with all the brain power inside our TV’s. The speakers were: Sheau Ng – NBC Universal, Greg DePriest – NBC Universal, Brian David Johnson – Intel, Jay (Jungwan) Ko – Samsung, Ken Lowe  -Vizio and Alex Terpstra –  Civolution.

The panel started out with the of what a Connected TV should do.The overall goal is to provide smarter user experience then just primetime schedule to the unlimited content on the Internet.The 3 pillars of connected TV are unlimited content, user apps and immersive experience. The panel discussed that Connected TV can contribute value to content because it is manufacturer independent. It triggers a new way of interacting with content.

The future is automatic content:  When your TV knows what you are watching and can get timing perfected. You can have TV, then go out to the internet to get additional information to help the overall user experience. There is value and power having the Connected TV device aware of what the consumer is watching. Applications can be written that provide value to create more engagement with the audience. The apps can improve the user experience when you are watching a movie  by identify parts of  the movie and then link it to conversations and other internet content. Consumers want personalized content.There is an opportunity if the TV knows what consumers like – and the TV just goes out and gets it.

Intel shared some stats during the panel:  By 2015 there will be 500 billion hours of content available. A human won’t be able to find what to watch. So the intelligence of the internet enabled device can help people find that content. Advertisers can more precisely target their audience, nationally and locally. New technologies such as watermarking and digital fingerprinting can help protect proprietary content so it can be shared over the web.

As a mom I already see that my tween spends more time consuming content on the Internet then the TV. The panel discussed that studies show that people under the age of 25 years of age spend more then half of their time watching video on the computers. In the future the panel said that there will be interfaces that will take the same user experience from their computer, to their TV’s, tablets and even phones. I know I can’t wait to see the future of Connected TV – I want to merge my Internet experience with my TV experience to simply my media consumption. So I will be interested to learn more about the Digital Home at CES 2011.

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  • Being a mother the idea of TV everywhere is wonderful! I never miss my favorite shows and the kids can continue to watch their favorite shows. Not only am I consumer but I’m also a DISH employee so working the devices is something I’m really good at handling. Hooking up the Sling adapter was no problem but even for a regular consumer I don’t believe it would be a challenge neither. At the end of it all confusing or not, moms just think instead of your son/daughter wanting everything in the store (like my daughter) you can simply put on LIVE cartoons on for them to keep them distracted.

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