Using the Logitech Keyboard Controller to Navigate Google Chrome

The Logitech Keyboard Controller was designed to easily navigate the Google Chrome browser on Google TV. Below is a list of shortcuts you may enjoy!

1. Search key launches the Quick Search Box
2. FN key enables secondary function of buttons
3. Menu key displays Chrome menu options
4. Ctrl key when used with other keys performs the following actions:

  • Ctrl + R refreshes the web page
  • Ctrl + Direction Left returns to previous screen
  • Ctrl + Direction Right moves forward to the next screen

5. Ch/Pg + key scrolls up and through web pages when used with the FN key and Ch/Pg – Scrolls through web pages when used with the FN key
6. Bookmarks key saves favorite locations
7. Directional keys navigates Up, Down, Left, and Right. OK key selects option
8. Home key returns to Google TV home screen
9. Zoom Out key zooms out when used with the FN key. Zoom In key zooms in when used with the FN key
10. Back key returns to previous screen
11. Touchpad Left Mouse Button functions as a left mouse click
12. Touchpad navigates the cursor


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