Streaming Tunes with the Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Intel WiDi-enabled laptops

My top 3 New Year’s resolutions for 2011:
1) Spend more time actually doing stuff and less time writing about it on Facebook®
2) Eat less cake (or at least eat healthier cake)
3) Untangle my PC from my home theater system

Logitech may not be able to help me eat less cake but we have announced a solution to help me wirelessly connect my new laptop to my home theater system. Thanks to the Logitech® Wireless Speaker Adapter for Intel® WiDi-enabled laptops I can listen to the content on my laptop through the speakers of my choice.

When the Wireless Speaker Adapter becomes available around May this year, I will be able to plug the Logitech adapter into my existing speakers, launch the Intel® WiDi software on my laptop, push “Connect” on my laptop and adapter, and my Intel WiDi-enabled laptop will automatically pair with the speakers in my home entertainment setup – no cords attached!

All this talk of music and cake has got me hungry. Until next time…


Product Line Manager, PC Speakers


  • I really like Logitech products so this is in no way meant to diss Logitech, but Apple has had this for a long time with Airport Express with built in “Air Tunes” paired to MacBooks running Air Port. And contrary to the setup guide, you don’t have to have existing Internet connected network to make it work.

    My favorite Logitech products: K800 wireless illuminated keyboard with the rechargeable batteries removed and regular Alkaline AA batteries installed (rechargeable with a cord defeats the whole purpose of being wireless) and the Marathon Wireless Mouse. That is the most awesome mouse on the planet, not too many features, but just the right size, and having both click stop and hyper scrolling at the touch of a button is awesome. I provide corporate IT support for a mid sized company and everyone loves this combination. With the super strong signal but super small size unifying receiver you just can’t beat Logitech for innovation and ease of use.

  • A version with Airplay?

    I have been waiting for a receiver like this that doesn’t require a dongle on the computer end.

  • Will it support multiple receivers? If it only allow single sound source to single speaker connection. Belkin already has similiar product(search bluetooth music receiver in amazon). So, if it allows single sound source to multiple bluetooth receivers( multiple speakers have the receivers working at the same time in different room), then, it will be great. any guess or news?

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