Controlling Logitech Revue from your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Google TV and smartphone lovers — we have an app for you! Control your Logitech Revue with Google TV experience as well as your home entertainment system, all from your Android phone, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Called the Logitech Harmony App for Android or Logitech Harmony App for iPhone, these free apps can control your TV, DVR and AV Receiver.

For information about how these apps leverage Logitech’s Harmony activity-based control, product marketing manager Steven Heintz provides a complete demo of the app using his Android phone.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • I have downloaded the app and been using for my Revue. Some user feedback here:

    1. This is a great idea! Even if the wireless keyboard is well designed from engineering point of view, it is still awkward holding it on your lap while sitting in the sofa. This is a good alternative. Improve on the interface and you might be able to unbundle the keyboard from the package (making it as an option) and reduce the price by $50.

    2. Focus on gesture control!! People these days are used to the gesture control on their smartphones. You want to take advantage of it. I find it hard of having to look down at the phone all the time. Remember we are looking at the TV most of the time. Instead of focusing it as a wireless keypad (where user have to look at it all the time) you want to focus it as a magic mouse, where gestures like double tabbing, pinching, stretching, dragging with 2 fingers, etc. are fulling supported.

    3. When are you going to open the APIs for 3rd party to develop app for their hardware? The UIs for other HWs such as Tivo (tolerable) and Samsung TV (horrible) are pretty bad. You don’t want to spend the time doing it for everybody yourself. Open the API and you shall get the much improved UI.

    • Hi Winston,

      All great feedback – I appreciate you taking the time to share with us. Regarding #3, our partner Google is currently working with 3rd party developers so we should be seeing great things soon!


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