Logitech Hi-Def Holiday Karaoke Contest: And Then There Were Five

After a month-long holiday karaoke battle royale, five entrants have emerged as our top finalists in the Logitech Hi-Def Holiday Karaoke contest on Facebook. The crooners belted out their renditions of some holiday classics such as “Joy to the World” and “Jingle Bells,” all for the chance to win a hefty cash prize, some Logitech loot and – of course – bragging rights!

The five finalists were selected based on the number of votes they received, and each will win a handful of Logitech prizes with a retail value of $1,000. But, we’re not done. Now, a committee at Logitech will mull over the finalist videos and choose a grand prize winner based on creativity, originality, quality of video and number of votes. The winner will be announced on Jan. 5, and will win an additional $5,000 cash prize (U.S.).

So, who do you think should win? Do you prefer the smooth vocal stylings of Tiffany Alvord, BAMtheAlexMan’s ukulele-tinged take on “Auld Lang Syne,” JoeSer29’s tender version of “O Holy Night,” an original tune called “This Christmas” from Lewiesmusic or Brian Mansfield’s southern twist on an old classic?


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  • where did jingle bells come from .
    She was not in the contest until the ending .and all of a sudden has over 45,000 votes . No way.
    Joe sang O Holy Night in Harmony . and it was wonderfully done
    My vote is for Joe

  • Its okay everyone! Not a big deal! Heck I have never done this before! She is a professional with a massive following. She has 10’s of thousands of subscribers on youtube, as well as fan pages on facebook! She was original! I mean Jingle Bells is about as original as it gets, no……….? She was definitely creative. She sat with that cool guitar and smiled! She had a big network of friends and fans! Pretty cut and dry the choice was made by vote. I don’t even think I should have won! I really think the ukulele dude should have one. Have you ever seen someone sing that song with a ukulele? Seriously! That is original! Good job bro!

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