Controlling Google TV with a Harmony Remote


Wonder how the Logitech Harmony One remote and Logitech Harmony App for Google TV compare in controlling your Google TV? The answer is that they both give you great control! Check out the video below to see both remotes in action.



Product Manager, Harmony Remotes Business Unit


  • As a DISH employee I’ve used Google TV witht he Logitech Revue since it came out. I really dig the keyboard I got with the system, but the Harmony remotes are great, too!

  • The Logitech Revue and the Harmony app work seamless with the DISH Network DVR. As a DISH employee I was fortunate to be able play around with remote and app I like it so much I decided to get it for my self. I was able to watch TV and pull up my recordings no problem. DISH also offers the Logitech Revue at a discount rate of $179 as a DISH Network subscriber. Those of you that do not have this product yet I would definitely recommend it.

  • Can the Logitech Harmony One remote be programmed to control a Roku media player?

    • Hi Murray,

      Yes. The Logitech Harmony One can be programmed to control a Roku Media Player. You can always use the Harmony Remote Compatibility checker at to see what is currently in our database. And if you have a device that isn’t in there, you can usually add it using the IR remote that came with the original device.


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