Using the Logitech Media Player on the Logitech Revue

I’ve been using my Logitech Revue for a while now, and there’s a feature I’m really enjoying in it. The Logitech Media Player lets me show all my friends and family video, pictures, and music I love, without having to crowd them around a tiny laptop screen or my desk. It’s a really great feature, and I wanted to make a little video showing you how it works with some pictures I took on a family vacation a little while ago. Check out the video, and let me know what YOUR favorite feature of Logitech Revue with Google TV is!


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  • I agree this is a great feature, but it feels as if this is in early beta at best. Simple things like supporting additional media, slideshows with music and settings for transition? I look forward to version 1.0 and beyond.

  • I have to say that i am disappointed in the presentation of the media player… The Gallery Application is amazing.. If you can offer the same Gallery format with the media player i would be 100% happy. Are you working on improvements with the Media Player?

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