All’s Well with Logitech Revue

At Logitech we usually refrain from commenting on rumors and speculation. But I can’t ignore the recent puzzling speculation that Google has asked Logitech to suspend production of Logitech Revue to address software issues.

Those familiar with our product know that we don’t need to modify the Logitech Revue box to deliver software enhancements. Each of our customers will receive periodic over-the-air updates whenever Google and Logitech release changes to the Google TV platform. Logitech Revue boxes purchased at launch in October, as a holiday gift in December or to follow basketball in the spring, will all be the same and will all benefit from the same software updates.

Logitech and Google continue to have a collaborative, effective working relationship as we listen to consumer feedback and work together on enhancements to the Google TV platform. We at Logitech are enthusiastic about Google TV and our role in bringing this new platform to U.S. consumers.

After a brief holiday break, Logitech’s Revue team will be heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January, where we look forward to demonstrating how Google TV is transforming the TV-watching experience.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • The Revue and Google TV are amazing, excellent first-out system. We see the complaints about this unit come from bloggers that make Mountains of Molehills to get hits, and most importantly , they assume we are all to dumb to use this device. Its something new to learn but its plenty easy to adopt and much of how it works makes total sense and the reasoning is complete.

    It would be nice however to have just a bit more powerful cpu/gpu hardware options, since some websites tax the performance in ways that lead to an unresponsive remote.

    Congrats to all that worked on The Revue… you did well and we look forward to more great things in the future.

  • Most likely, you already got the update…you just need to look…see info from logitech below:

    Your Revue will display a message when the update is available to you for download and installation. If you are not using Revue when the message is displayed, the update will automatically be installed after 30 minutes of the message being displayed with no response.

    To check if your Revue has received the update, follow the steps below:

    From the Google TV home screen, go to Applications > Settings > About.
    Scroll down to Build Number. If your Revue has received the update, the number will end in “b42449.”


  • I purchased a couple of weeks ago from Dish. Other than the blocked content its great. With Playon, you’re easily watching everything that’s blocked. Eventually google and the content providers will work something out.

  • We LOVE the Logitech Revue for many uncoventional reasons! It works like a champ and was designed in a manner that enables us to make the system fully and easily accessible by individuals with print disabilities, people who are aging, consumers who never learned to read and everyone else! Our 1.2 million users will vouch for the credibility of what we are saying. Ashish, our team looks forward to meeting with your team at CES. Please drop me an email to discuss ahead of time.


    Steve Jacobs, President
    IDEAL Group, Inc. and,
    CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.

  • 1. Are you making a cheaper ARM Powered Google TV?

    2. Is blocking of US TV networks happening because they can detect the Flash plugin isn’t alao User agent: Generic? If Google doesn’t make a deal with those networks can flash be updated to become undetectable?

    3. When are you releasing this globally?

    4. Will BitTorrent and live p2p streaming such as sopcast be supported?

    5. Can it playback all codecs at up to 1080p@60fps full high bitrates on USB NTFS/FAT32/EXT3 storage and Samba/Upnp networking?

    6. Can I ask you questions like this at CES on video for my You gor my email if you would like to schedule an interview.

  • You mentioned the rumour, but carefully avoided actually denying it. Is that because it’s actually true?

  • I am happy with my Logitech revue / google TV.
    doing multitask in the same time using logitech keyboard or my Iphone app.

    I made good decision buying Logitech Revue, and i am confident that the new updates will add more cool stuff.

    Adding skype application its a big Plus

    I am planing to buy the logitech TV CAM, but i will wait untill logitech/google support Skype Application.

  • I too purchased the Revue through Dish, and agree with other commenter that it’s a pretty darned good product, and not at all sure why G TV has gotten the press it has. Conspiracy theory?

  • Please please update Chrome to make the networks not be able to recognize flash as googletv, do this and your sales wil skyrocket!

  • Your products are by far the best on the market, you have made them easy and straightforward to load and troubleshoot ,you have made a good name for your self and your service. PLEASE!! honor all your rebate requests that are complete and in a timely manner so we can buy more.


    • Hi Marco,

      Currently, Google TV is only available in the United States. Logitech Revue and Google TV have not been announced in Switzerland.


  • I use the Revue in my home, and I got to say that whoever started the rumor of needing software changes; was just looking for attention. Being a DISH employee and getting mine as soon as it launched, I have no regrets. Its easily navigated, it works very good with my regular programming. I can watch my regular programming while surfing the net, it has to be one of the most innovative pieces of technology that has come to the market in a long time.

  • Hi all,

    just got myself a revue in the states to use it in switzerland because in my point of view it’s the most convincing concept out there.

    Unfortunately there is no way to fully integrate it yet because there is no possibility for localization to switzerland and to my cable provider cablecom.

    When will you offer an international firmware? Is there some beta i could get? In the status quo it’s unfortunately unusable (saying usable to it’s full potential).


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