Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Christina Perri

A while back while watching “So You Think You Can Dance” I heard this song that was super catchy and addicting.  But let’s not spend time looking into why I was watching this show and rather focus on the artist who produced the ear candy I heard that night.  Her name is Christina Perri and she is a December Artist to Watch at Ultimate Ears.

Her EP just came out and we are in the company of Rolling Stone and the likes in supporting her new venture. Her Debut Live EP – The Ocean Way Sessions – debuted at #1 on Billboard’s New Artist Chart.

To make this more incredible, she actually only took 5 hours to record the EP. I thought I was awesome for doing all my holiday shopping in 5 hours. Turns out making a #1 selling EP trumps my accomplishment in a big way…

Christina was on Conan a few weeks back performing her song.  I wonder if I named dropped her song when I met Conan on his tour the way I am name dropping Conan now?  OK, I didn’t actually meet Conan, but I did say “Sup” to him in the hall as I walked by.  I’m pretty sure we’re Facebook friends now or something.

But back to Christina….you can get more of her music from her site or better yet check her out live as she is out on the road at holiday radio shows.

That’s all the time I have.  I need to focus the rest of my days on ensuring my name is on the nice list before Santa pays a visit.


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