Zumba time with Revue

Irma is busy. She works full-time in trade marketing for Logitech, raises her two sons, spends time with her husband and teaches an exercise dance class. So how does she spend that rare, precious time she gets all to herself? With Revue.

It’s 11 o’clock before I can have some Irma time. And then the Google TV is mine. I go on Facebook just to check up and make sure I’m not missing anything with my friends.  And I go on YouTube. I’ve been really big on YouTube lately,” says Irma.

While most people see Revue as a lean back experience, Irma works up a sweat.

“Because I’m a Zumba instructor, I do my exercises, my choreography, the ‘How To on Zumba’ on the big screen. Wow, all the sudden I have this big TV and I can see the choreography on the exercise shows.”

And luckily the TV room is far enough away from the bedrooms that she can really crank up the music, and the energy.

“You can hear the music—talk about the music experience being better—and I’m blasting this thing through my sound system and I’m dancing. The experience is like night and day.”

She’s gone from being the skeptical one about Revue to being its biggest fan.

“To be honest, I got one because I work for Logitech. I thought the kids might like it—which they do. But what surprises me is how much I do with it. I wouldn’t want to go without it, just for me.”


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media