Using a Logitech Harmony Remote with Google TV

Like the Logitech Revue, Logitech Harmony Remotes have Harmony Link built in as well. So you can add a “Watch Google TV” activity to your set up through your Harmony set up and you’ll be able to turn on your devices and switch to the correct input.

If you want to see how to add you existing Logitech Harmony remote to control Google TV, simply link the Logitech Revue to your existing Harmony account using three simple steps:

  1. In the Device Type list, select Video Recorder > PVR.
  2. In the Manufacturer list, select Logitech.
  3. In the Model field, type Revue.

Once you have Logitech Revue added, create “Watch Google TV Activity” log in to your Logitech Harmony Remote Software account.

Finally, enable your Harmony Remote on your Revue – Applications > Settings > Input Devices > Harmony Remote Controls.

If you have a Harmony Remote with a screen, once you’re in the Google TV activity, you can:

  • Use the d-pad to navigate the Google TV interface and within the websites you’re browsing
  • Access Home, Back, Menu and Search from the screen on your Harmony remote
  • Enter text with the number buttons (with triple tap—much like writing a text message on a non-smartphone)
  • Launch some specific apps like YouTube from within the screen on your Harmony Remote

Because both Revue and your Harmony remote have Harmony Link, they’re aware of what the other is doing and can keep your devices behaving the way you want them. For example: If you turned on your entertainment system using the “Watch Google TV” activity on your smartphone and you use your Harmony Remote to switch to “Watch a DVD,” your TV stays on.

Right now, only Logitech Revue has Harmony Link built in. But if you have a Sony TV or Blu-Ray player powered by Google TV, any Harmony Remote that includes a screen can give you the same sort of seamless control over your entertainment system.


Product Manager, Harmony Remotes Business Unit


  • Thank you for the information. However having both Harmony and Revue remotes, the Harmony remote doesn’t make much sense while using Google TV for it’s lack of a keyboard (triple tap is taking a step backward).

    Ideally there would be “Watch Google TV Activity” functionality available via the Revue keyboard, which turns the TV, STB, and AVR all on with a single key press. Currently, the three keys need to be clicked separately.

    Any plans to “Watch Google TV Activity” functionality to the existing Revue keyboard?

  • If you have an iphone or android phone, check out the harmony app for free; it works great and I prefer it over the Revue keyboard/remote…

  • Can the Revue unit also setup/control an HDMI switch required to be set when the Revue is being used? I realize that Revue can control the cable/sat box and A/V unit.

  • My Revue does not respond to my Harmony One Remote; I’ve set the remote as instructed above however, the touchscreen shows the navigation buttons for the Revue but the Revue doesn’t respond whatsoever. I’ve also engaged the Harmony Remote feature on the Revue. Any other suggestions on how to troubleshoot? Thank You….

    • Hi Rick,

      If you have added Revue to your Harmony Remote and enabled the Harmony Remote on your Revue, then my assumption is that there may be some sort of interference that is preventing the Revue from seeing the IR commands from the Harmony Remote. Some LCDs or Plasma TVs can cause interference. If your Revue is located in close proximity to your TV, I recommend moving Revue away from your TV.

      If this doesn’t resolve the issue, I recommend contacting customer support.


    • Hi Klaus,

      Currently, the Revue is only available in the US. At this time, we do not know when Google TV will be available in Germany.


  • How do you get rid of the delay between picture and audio? Have it running through my DirecTV DVR vie HDMI and optical and there’s and annoying lip sync issue.

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