Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Matt and Kim

San Diego is the land of Sun, Fun, Blink-182 and a USD kid named Bryce who is actually taller than me but I still call him a kid. Bryce and I collaborate on a lot of music related stuff and he greatly encouraged us to have a good hard look at this month’s Artist to Watch: Matt and Kim.

The word “indie-sensation” generally comes to mind when one refers to Matt and Kim. It’s a richly deserved referenced as they have been putting out cool jams for some time.  Their new album – Sidewalks – is just being released and since their last one went gold, this should debut quite high.

This is their year and we were here to help support them along the way! When they get their Grammy, I dream that most of the speech will be a dedication to me and all thing Ultimate Ears…


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