Streaming is My New Best Friend

Since my first day with Logitech Revue, I’ve been addicted to its online music features. I’m a big music junkie, and I love exploring new artists. Revue offers a variety of different ways to enjoy music online:

–   Napster: This built-in app makes finding your favorite tracks quick and easy. The app has 4 main areas: Explore, My Collection, Search, and Player. Explore allows you to browse new releases, top tracks, Billboard charts, genre listings, and Napster-curated playlists. My Collection allows you to to view your “favorited” selections from Napster, including artists, albums, and individual songs. The Search function is probably self explanatory, and the Player offers a slick interface that allows you to continue playing music while you use other apps on Revue. My favorite feature of the Napster app is its ability to show search results from Logitech Revue’s MAIN search function. After you’ve activated Napster as a searchable app within the Google TV software, you’ll receive Napster search results alongside your regular search listings. It’s amazingly fast, and music starts playing instantly.

–   Pandora: This popular internet radio service has its own app on Logitech Revue as well. It’s pretty much the Pandora you know and love—launch the app, login to your Pandora account, and browse and search to create your own intelligent internet radio station. The app supports likes and dislikes for individual tracks as they play, allowing you to help guide the Pandora app in playing songs that you’ll enjoy. Like the Napster app, you can continue playing Pandora music in the background while doing other things on Logitech Revue.

–   Music web sites: Thanks to the Google Chrome browser, you can browse your favorite music web sites and listen to pretty much any Flash-based music player. This is my favorite way to explore really new and developing artists, as you might not always find the more obscure stuff through Napster or Pandora.

So no matter what your music exploration preference, there’s a great way to find what you’re looking for on Logitech Revue. Unfortunately, even Google TV can’t help you out if you have horrible music tastes.


'Host with the Most,' Los Angeles