Getting the Family Together in HD

I live in Seattle but my mom is in Crosby, North Dakota and my brother is in Fargo, North Dakota. So when my brother came to visit me, I took the opportunity to show off the togetherness on Logitech Revue using the Logitech TV Cam.

We got on Vid with my mom and did a call together. She was very excited because she doesn’t get to see me and my brother together very often, so seeing us sitting together on my couch in my living room was very charming to my mother.

I have made a few fun calls to friends using Vid, but it wasn’t until the virtual family togetherness that I had my ‘wow’ moment.

Having a call from my mom just pop up while you’re watching TV is great. She doesn’t have an HDTV, she doesn’t have a Google TV, but with Vid HD, she was still able to communicate with me. I just bought my mom a new computer and a Logitech HD Webcam C910 and it works really well. She kept commenting on how good we looked!

And with 720p HD video calling and stereo sound, that’s not just a mother’s love talking.


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  • Jeremiah, I live in Phoenix, and I set my whole family up with Logitech cams and Vid HD while I was back East visiting over Thanksgiving so that we could stay in touch. My wife and I have our first baby on the way and I wanted to show him off to his grandparents, aunts, and uncles once he’s born. So I bought the Revue with TV Cam this month but can’t get the camera to make or receive calls. Revue works great, but my family back East is making video calls without me. Support said the new software update I just received might help, but I’m still getting forced logout errors that pop up during TV watching, and I can’t make video calls. In the interest of getting the family together, is there anything you might recommend?
    Thanks, Jim

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