MapleStory and Logitech Gamepads

Combining a huge world full of dangerously cute monsters with an extensive system of quests and puzzles, MapleStory is one the premier online roleplaying games in the world.  It’s easily accessible to newer players while also featuring deep gameplay that will keep more advanced gamers entertained for years.  Plus, it’s completely free to play!

And now, thanks to our friends at Nexon, you can use your Logitech gamepad to adventure in Maple World and thwart the nefarious plans of the evil Black Mage.  So instead of using your keyboard to control your character, you can instead use more familiar console-style controls.  They’ve even given us an added bonus to help you out – for a limited time, when you purchase a Logitech Gamepad F310, you’ll receive codes for a free 2x item drop coupon and an exclusive gamepad chair.  So join in the fun today!


Global Product Marketing Manager


    • Hi Ron,

      There is a button in the bottom right corner of the MapleStory interface labeled “System”. If you click it, a menu pops up with an option called “Joypad Settings”. From there you can configure the gamepad to perform various actions in the game. It is my experience that it works best when the gamepad is set to DirectInput mode before the game is launched. You can do this by selecting “D” with the switch on the belly of the gamepad.


  • I bought a controller of the same model but i didnt get any maplestory codes, is there a way i can get it?

    • Hi Clarence,

      There are still some gamepads in stores that don’t have the codes included with them. Please contact our Support team using the link at the top of the page and they will be able to help you.


    • Hi Anna,

      There is no expiration date currently announced. Since we just launched the program, I would expect to see them in stores for a while yet.


  • hi i was just wondering if the controller in available in south Africa? Johannesburg more specifically

    • Hi Roni,

      The F310 should be available for purchase in South Africa, though I don’t have information about what local retailers would have it. The MapleStory promotion is for US and Canadian gamers only, though.


  • oh OK thanks but I’m not sure if i get a friend in America to get it for me i am not sure it will have the code how can i know?

    • Hi Roni,

      The promotion is for US and Canada only – the codes will only work for those servers. F310 Gamepads that include the gamepad chair and item drop codes are clearly marked with a MapleStory sticker on the front of the package.


  • Hi, is the controller available in Australia and is the code contained within the package (in Australia)? Thanks.

  • Hi Chris,

    I live in Italy but i am playing Maple Global 5 years now.
    I was planning in getting a logitech f310, i dont really care about the codes, but that it would work with MS even if i am from italy.

    • Hi Tony,

      Since you are playing on Mapleglobal (aka MapleStory North America) it should be functional. You can check to see if gamepad support is enabled by clicking on “System” and looking for the option “Joypad settings”. If this option is available, the F310 will work.


  • I bought a F310 from the online store that you have but there was no codes in the F310 box. what can I do to get the codes?


    • Hi Mohammad,

      Contact Support using the link at the top of this page. They can tell you what to do.


    • Hi Danny,

      All of the F310 gamepads we currently have in our warehouse have the stickers and codes on them. If, for some reason, you receive one that does not – you can contact our Support team for further assistance.


    • Hi Derek,

      The codes will either be on the back side of the sticker on the front of the package, or printed on the user guide. If the F310 you purchased did not have a MapleStory sticker on it, you can contact Support for more assistance.


    • Hi Billy,

      There are still codes available, so you can still purchase an F310 and receive a chair!


  • hello chris i am playing maplestory global but dont live in USA can i get a code to a F310 gamepad anyway?

  • Heys Chris, Im from australia, and im actually wanting the chair in-game, Im currently playing maple story global, and im actaully going to buy a controller over the internet, so was i was just wondering, will we have an 100% chance of getting the code,after contacting customer service? Or do we have to have a controller which specifies that its for maplestory?

    Thanks -Kelvin.

    • Hi Kelvin,

      The F310 gamepads with MapleStory chair codes were only shipped to the USA and Canada, so you won’t find one at Dick Smith.


  • Hey Chris,

    Is the codes only on the F310 gamepads? Or could we get them on the wireless silver colored gamepad?

  • Is the Maplestory promotional code still available for the f310 from the logitech official webiste?

    • Hi Kenny,

      The promotion is still going – if you purchase an F310 gamepad from the Logitech website, it will include a promotional sticker and the gamepad chair/item drop codes.


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