Reunited and it feels so good

Leaving the NYC Logitech loft was hard enough…being left without a Revue was terrible!  Needless to say, Logitech came to my rescue.

Soon enough, I opened my front door to a package entitled the “Reviewer’s kit!”   It took a few days to arrive, but I was VERY happy the day after Thanksgiving when it showed up on my doorstop.

I immediately opened it, Christmas morning style.  I of course completely expected a Revue box…but a TV Cam AND and a Mini Controller TOO!?  Logitech is WAY too good to me!


A few random tidbits I took notice of while opening up the individual boxes:

  • The Revue was inviting to unwrap.  They have these easy black pull up tabs inside the box to match the sleek technology you’re about to uncover.  Very simple instructions are provided and it even came with name brand batteries for the wireless keyboard, thanks!
  • I love that Logitech manages to anticipate every need their consumers may have; they really think of everything!  They even provide a soft cleaning cloth for the TV cam.
  • I like the TV cam cord with the add-on extension to allow for further reach to connect to your Revue set-top-box, which I needed and appreciated.
  • The TV cam sits beautifully on top of my TV with no issues and a good grip; even shook the TV – no issues.
  • I think the Mini Controller is a lot of fun.  It’s even fun to put together initially.  You just insert the battery and the controller lights up and is ready to go.  Pairing it to the Revue only took seconds.
  • The only thing to note for the Revue however is that you will need your own additional HDMI cable for your cable box connection.  Logitech packages the Revue with one, but since I didn’t have an HDMI cable already connecting my set-top box to my TV, I made a quick trip to Best Buy and I was good to go.

Check out the video of my experience at home.


'Host with the Most,' New York City