Global Survey: See How Logitech Harmony Can Bring “Harmony” to the Holidays

Surprise! The holiday season is officially upon us. Doesn’t it always seem like the holiday season sneaks up out of no where? Now that seasonal music is playing in every store and holiday shopping is on your mind, we wanted to bring your attention back to a recent global survey of living room trends, the Global Remote Control Trends Study commissioned by Logitech.

In this survey, we uncovered that nearly half of all living rooms globally have four or more remotes.

We also discovered that around the world, between 15% (Netherlands) and 24% (France) of households have a member of the house who can’t use digital devices because they don’t know how to use the remote. And a similar number of people (between 16% and 27%) have personally written a “Remote Control for Dummies” guide to help friends, babysitters and visitors decipher the remote.

But did you know that a Logitech Harmony remote can solve these problems while helping to clear the clutter from the coffee table? It is likely that someone on your list this year falls into this category and could use your help to simplify their living room.

So as you’re bringing the family together this holiday season, remember that one simple way to keep harmony in the home is to make the living room one-touch friendly. Even if you’re a robot.


Director of Product Marketing, Remote Control Business Unit


  • Hi I am one of the lucky ones given a harmony remote to test by Logitech!
    Only just received it but am already very impressed,The remote not only looks great ,feels good but the instructions are clear and simple .I truly believe this is not just a universal remote in that it takes over the operation of all your devices simplifing your life but that it is universal in that it is easy to operate irregardless of age gender or technical expertise!
    In fact it is so simple that my 3 year old grandson can operate it !
    This holiday season take my advice and take the stress out of christmas entertainment with a harmony remote not only will you enjoy hassle free viewing/ listening but gone will be the tension of give me that remote i’ll do it syndrome .
    Put some Harmony in your life not only at christmas but every day of the year!

  • Installed my Harmony One today. Setup all 4 components (TV, DVD, AMP, Squeezebox Touch) in less than 30 minutes. This remote is awesome and the WAF (Wife Appreciation Factor) is HIGH! She loves that you can power everything on in one button. Love your work Logitech!

  • I would like to suggest a Harmony remote that is more rugged in design. I have been a loyal fan of these remotes for years, recommending them to many friends, and the only complaint I have had with them is friends that I have with children or pets seem to have issues with the remote getting dropped. I know many have had to replace remotes due to dropping from even a short distance such as a couch to the floor. I believe that if Logitech would explore the possibility of even a silicone cover for the remotes that this would reduce the possibility of failure due to a drop. I have 3 friends now that have had to give up on the harmony because it is too expensive to keep replacing them after they are dropped. Perhaps you could even develop a rugged remote, simular to the rugged cell phones that have been made, I think you would have a very interesting product you could market.

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