Using Your Revue: Enabling Tap on the Keyboard

Many people have been asking if you can enable “tap functionality” on the Logitech Keyboard Controller trackpad. And I’m happy to say the answer is yes!

To enable tap, simply press: Ctrl + Shift + FN + Pg/Ch(+).

We found through our experience and testing with keyboards that the majority of people actually don’t like to have tap on because they press it accidentally — thus disabled it by default. But we made sure to give people the option to use the trackpad either way.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • For us users that “want” the tap function on, even when you enable the function, the revue ocassionally defaults back to the non-tap function, even when you are on the same page. What GIVES!!!

    • Hi Stuart,

      After a period of time, the Logitech Keyboard controller goes into standby mode. When this occurs, you simply need to re-enable the function again.


  • There’s lots to like about Google TV, but having standby cancel a user preference like this gives critics ammo when they complain that the UI seems “unfinished.” By the way, I’d suggest you stop using the word “simply” in this context lest people conclude you are trivializing what to us is an annoying flaw.

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